Long Live Play - An Ode To Gamers

MMGN writes: A few weeks back Sony teased us with this, a short introduction to what would eventually become what is, in this writers mind, the best videogame advert ever.

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waltyftm2547d ago

Well said, the only thing missing from this great advert is the mighty Kevin Butler, but we the gamer's are just as important i suppose.

Canary2547d ago

It was fun... but emphasize top-selling NA titles way too much. Japanese studios really got the shaft. Sure, there may not be quite as many iconic Japanese AAA titles for the PS3 as there are western ones, but those few that are tend to be exclusive. It would have been nice to see a nod to Demons Souls, or Valkyria, or Disgaea (come on--would it have been that hard to perch a Prinny on Kratos' shoulder?) or Ico or Shadow of the Collosus, or Yakuza, or catherine?

Nope. Only a mute Lightning in a few frames.

And what game was the soldier guy supposed to be from? One of the old WWII Call of Duties?

nitrogav2547d ago

Anybody notice the gold trophy on the shelf next to Michael`s
picture ? . Wow what an advert .