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Join BootHammer as we take a look at our Top Ten video game weapons of all time.

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acemonkey2476d ago

agree with most of the weapons but wheres the Golden Eye Golden handgun? and soon the Dildo from Saints row 3 lol god i cant wait

BootHammer2476d ago

You are spot on acemonkey...the Golden Gun should have been in there. I can't believe I missed that ;) Not too sure about the Saint's Row nominee though, haha.

zombiMessiah2476d ago

Just sayin. Any variation of the RYNO should have been on there. I love em.

acemonkey2476d ago

Thanks i just remember the golden gun playing MP with my family on N64...saints row u can believe that is going to be fun lol....i think another would be kratos blade of chaos

zombiMessiah2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

There's no weapons from the ratchet and clank games. Failure, good sirs.

BootHammer2476d ago

I did consider them trust me ;) They do have some inventive arsenal indeed.

Canary2476d ago

#1: Sword
#2: Gun

I think that covers 90% of all weapons in 90% of all games in 100% of all genres in the entire history of the medium.

Kinda wish there'd be more variety in weapons in games. But more than that, I'd like to see more games with nonviolent gameplay mechanics. Brute force is the lowest form of power, after all.

BootHammer2476d ago

You forgot #3...nunchucks! =)

Ninjeska2476d ago

I'd say #3 is explosives :P

Canary2476d ago

I was thinking that, if anything #3 would have to be some catchall. Either "magic" to cover, well, any magic attack, or "fireball," to cover most magic in games + explosions.

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