Tech-Gaming | Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

While Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 may lack the spectacle and licensing of its competitor, the title does deliver a fast, fluid rendition of the sport which can be intensely gratifying. Supported by a number of new modes, a bevy of unlockables, and a peerless repertoire of dribbling maneuvers, this year’s game averts a trouncing from its dominating rival.

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madmad2507d ago

Good review. The off-the-ball idea seems cool.

mediastudies2507d ago

So which is better FIFA 12 or PES 12?

madmad2507d ago

What what I've heard FIFA is the way to go.

kikizoo2507d ago

Pes for nervous gameplay, better physic, and human confrontations (the most important)..

fifa if you play alone, and like more slow simulation, strategy, than technic.