New Monster Hunter Tri G screenshots

Gematsu: "Following yesterday’s batch, Capcom’s put out another new set of Monster Hunter Tri G screenshots."

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GameTavern2546d ago

The game looks good, but the screenshots are so tiny

Stunt2545d ago

Those are 3DS shots fer ya.

JewelTheif2545d ago

The bustling harbor screens look nice =o

Anthonyslyfe2545d ago

Forget this, where is MH4? :-)

matey2545d ago

those screens are poor the game looks major better than the screens suggest its the wii version with better textures more monsters and proper shadows instead of blobs amazing game 4 a handheld wow then MH4 i cant beleive the love off the 3rd partys the 3ds is getting.

jairusmonillas2545d ago

Thoe screenshots look so tiny.

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