Best Deals This Week at GameStop

This week, GameStop is saving you money with video game sales, pre-order bonuses and, of course, trade-in deals. Pick up the newest video games at GameStop, or take a look at the titles that are on sale this week. As usual, GameStop has all sorts of exclusive pre-order bonuses for upcoming games, and there is a brand new trade-in deal this week that you’re not going to want to miss.

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contra1572598d ago

Ripoff spot. Hey let me put your new game in the box for you that's been touched by 326 people. 59.95 please

contra1572598d ago

Hey want to buy it used, here's a sweet deal for You, remember power to the player. 56.95

strange19862598d ago

We get it. Instead of whining about it so much, how about you just don't shop there? Nobody is twisting your arm.

contra1572598d ago

i dont shop there. boycott it ,if not your a sucker.

AriesSiren2598d ago

i traded in older games and got dark souls for 0.00 thats great!!! plus 11 bux left over.

MasterD9192598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Those deals are alright. The extra 10 for 3 trade in seems legit....they don't have to be AAA titles.

I believe Amazon gives you more for your trade ins + free shipping...but in terms of convenience- Gamestop is probably easier to the average gamer who just wants to get in and get out with a new game.