RAGE Review: Enjoyable shooter that fails to meet its full potential - writes: Wasteland adventures have been done before - in the past few years we've had the extremely successful Borderlands and of course the unstoppable giants that are Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas capture the hearts of gamers across the globe. After years of development, id Software have finally unleashed RAGE, a FPS adventure that ties in vehicular combat to create their version of post-apocalyptic action. Is it worth visiting another wasteland?

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KingPin2387d ago

we do? I never played the game myself.

Mr Tretton2387d ago

'enjoyable shooter'...good game

there is always the 'but' lately because we expect the world. Just be glad you aren't in a shithole country and be glad you can experience before this actually becomes the world

MasterD9192387d ago

Still haven't received it in the mail yet but can't wait to try it out myself and move past these negative fluff opinions of the game.

Clearly- none of you have ever played an id game before.