Naughty Dog explains why the kill/death ratio stat won’t be in Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer explains why they won’t be displaying the kill/death ratio in any of their online stats in their upcoming title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

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eak32541d ago

Bold move, I understand why and actually don't have a problem with the reasoning behind it, but in the end more people will be pissed off than not by it. Everyone wants to know how they stack up against other people, people are innately competitive. It's the political correct crap that tries to make you feel bad for being this way.

Laypoof2541d ago

Imagine if call of doody removed that stat too! LMAO

evrfighter2541d ago

That's a blessing in disguise. You ps3 folk better support devs like ND. they are few and far between

DarkTower8052541d ago

I've disagreed on your views before evrfighter, but on this matter you're on the money. The stats only show briefly after the game as well. You can still see them, but only if you want.

I've played the U3 mp for the past few days and for a change, I haven't cared about my kdr. Yes, everyone wants to do good and help your team win, but you shouldn't forget it's the gameplay that makes the game and not stats. They're still there, but the way they're presented they're not the focus like other online shooter's. Great call from ND.

Spenok2541d ago

That was my first thought. I say they should do it. However. And game that has a pure deathmatch or TDM mode, SHOULD track your k/d.

SilentNegotiator2541d ago

"Imagine if call of doody removed that stat too!"

....there would be a lot less camping and people who care ten-fold more about 'not dying' than 'getting kills'

guitarded772541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Ok... without reading... SO PEOPLE WILL PLAY THE OBJECTIVE???? Did I win? Did I win? That's why I hate one very popular shooter in particular... you're playing capture the flag and everyone thinks it's team deathmatch.

UPDATE: "We're not showing K/DR on any of our online stats - it encourages breaking the spirit of the game. So we're taking a hard line on this to see if it has any effect."

Same thing just more generalized. Good for you Naught Dog... and good for me too :D

Peppino72541d ago

I don't know whether I agree or disagree with this move. I kinda do care a little about my k/d and accuracy %. That being said, I don't camp and I like to see my stats regarding those. I do agree that it will help with camping overall but now I can see people just running around blindly and just throwing grenades because they know if they run out of those things they wont mind dying to replenish ammo. I like running low on stuff and still trying to stay alive with what I have. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. People who worry to much about their stats can ruin others gaming experience but not caring about dying can also hurt.

Dragonopolis2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Call of Duty is about soldiers-People paid and trained specifically to kill-so in a war type game kill/death ratio makes sense.

Drake's job really isn't to kill, his career choice often has him dealing with people who do kill. Its the unfortunate part of his career choice and he has learned to cope with it but his personality type is way different from a soldiers.

Please don't make comments about Indiana Jones or comparisons (and I have to break my own rule to explain why). Indy grew up during and through both world wars and we learn in the last movie he did some pretty nasty spy work for the government. Way different from Nathan and they both were in their career choices for vastly different reasons.

Drake's personality type leans more toward avoiding contention whenever possible and out-thinking the enemy in favor of brute force, but will hold his own in a fight if necessary and is smart enough to prepare for the worst.

If the goal is to capture the essence of Drake then it makes sense to pull the Kill/death ratio.

Good Job Naughty Dog... Bold move

Anon19742541d ago

I have no clue what my k/d is in other games. I've never paid any attention. I love playing games, and sure I love to win - but I've never been interested in stat checking to see how I stack up against every other player. Mind you, I never really play deathmatch or even team deathmatch. I've always much more enjoyed objective based team matches - and then it's about your objectives, not about you k/d ratio alone.

Kleptic2541d ago

evrfighter's best comment i've ever read...

no matter what anyone says, a KDR actively effects a majority of player's play styles in a given situation...i've hard mic chat where people won't go for objectives in BF3's beta 'because i already died too much and my kdr sucks'...

I don't know about other competitive players...but i've played enough multiplayer shooters to see what type of behavior is generally getting favorable kdr's...and its nothing to be impressed about...ANYONE can snipe all day, or play defensively (when their team is in an offensive based objective situation)...resulting in them NOT helping their team, and getting a near perfect kdr...sure there are great players that simply are that good, and consistantly get high kdr's while working for and with a team...but in general, the best players aren't afraid of getting off'd just to keep a high kdr...

but people still use a kdr to put other players in a box...low kdr 'you suck'...high kdr 'you're awesome'...

I'm happy ND is doing this, but i hope they are aware of just how many douches are going to flip out...

MaxXAttaxX2541d ago

Now change "Ranks" back to "Levels" and we're all set :)

theonlylolking2541d ago

I wish call of duty would get rid of KDR. In fact I wish every shooter removed that feature.

The only stats every shooter should show is win to loss ratio and score. So then people will be judged on score or win to loss ratio.

HappyGaming2541d ago

Win/Lose/Drop Out ratio!!!
Because its about the objectives and not just the kills!!!

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gamingdroid2541d ago

I kind of like the stat, but don't want the abuse either so kind of like the idea as well.

I think a good middle ground is, the k/d ratio isn't publicly visible. It's great for personal stat tracking, but worthless as a bragging right when it isn't visible.

MaxXAttaxX2541d ago

It's so that people focus on completing objectives instead of treating every game mode as Deathmatch.

gamingdroid2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I got that much...

What I meant was, stats are useless for these people unless they can brag about it. Remove the ability (or minimize) to brag then it won't be a focus. Still I want to be able to see my results.

Maybe even only have proper stats for each game mode.

radphil2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

" Everyone wants to know how they stack up against other people, people are innately competitive"

Is it me, or is it sad that some of those people have to throw around their e-peen to the point that they'll skip a game just because a game doesn't have K/D ratio?

This is in relation to some topics on forums I've seen of people complaining in droves about this move.

The thing is, from the statement in the article, it's true in my experience that people who obsess with K/D tend to break the idea behind a game.

JaredH2541d ago

Well you couldn't see your k/d in Uncharted 2 unless you went on their website so it's not that much of a difference.

homer2541d ago

That is false. You can see it in UC 2 under the leaderboards.

aquamala2541d ago

Don't even know why the ratio is important, is someone going 3-1 in a match better than someone with 12-10? Where is the kills per match or per minute stat?

zero_gamer2541d ago

K/D Ratio is just E-Penis. People abusing the system can kill an online game for others that play it simply for some entertainment. The more games ditch this the better.

Gamer-Z2541d ago

This looks amazing wow those graphics are insane. Im going to be fist fighting out of some tricky situations ^_^

meluvulongtime2541d ago

I think they should have it for deathmatch and that's it. Ppl are still playing objective and plunder like it's deathmatch. In those modes their kills should not even add to over all kills. You got guys just camping on rooftops picking ppl off getting 40-50 kills in a match with no intention of playing it to win.

caperjim2540d ago

My average K/D is usually 1.5 to 3.0 for most games but i actually would like all games to remove the stat from public viewing. There shouldnt be a K/D ratio for objective gametypes. Until it gets removed most will not play games the way they are meant to be played.

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Motorola2541d ago

If only some other games did this....

Burning_Finger2541d ago

Who cares about that crap. I just want to pawn people.. hahah

Jack-DangerousIy2541d ago

Totally... Who doesn't love pawning people.

*facepalm* lol ;)

C0MPUT3R2541d ago

It = Less camping & more team play. It's now about the W/L ratio.

sashimi2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

My W/L ratio was like 5.x:1 in uncharted 2 =P team play always win!

kratos1232541d ago

Omg. It's win lose ratio now , that is really a great move . Now people will do those Damn objectives instead of thinking of themselves

meluvulongtime2541d ago

I'm playing in the subway early access and it's not like that. Still too many tools playing objective modes as deathmatch. They need to stop tracking kills period on those modes. Then they'll have nothing to brag about for all their efforts to farm kills on objective modes.