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Submitted by ktchong 3003d ago | review

Kotaku reviews Mass Effect

Mark Wilson reviews Mass Effect for Kotaku:

"By the time this article hits, most major review sites will have already dissected Bioware's latest creation, Mass Effect. I have no clue how it will be received - not that the game isn't great, which I'll explore in a moment - but whether or not reviewers will find too many small bugs, from texture pop-ins to the occasional glitch in a side mission/storyline to admit that the game is great..."

Note: This review does not give a score or rating. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) -

lonestarmt  +   3003d ago
I think its official. I know this sounds ironic, but I know rpg brothers will understand. Mass effect is the best rpg for people who don't like rpgs.
lonestarmt  +   3003d ago
please don't give me that PoG, when you go on ps3 games all the time and talk crap. Trust me there is no envy for mass effect. I have envy for blue dragon, lost odyssey, and bioshock not for this. Thats why I might be getting a 360 in the summer. Only you can take what I said as an insult. I was complenting the game. For action and american made rpg this is their wet dream, for mmorpg and final fantasy fans, this doesn't even come across their radar.
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PS3n360  +   3003d ago
This game is Canadian made. Bioware Corp. Edmonton Alberta Canada.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
We get it now stop it before your envy and bashing get yourdd bubbles taken. You probably don't own the xbox console why do you care about this title so much?.

EDIT: Go look in all the PS3 game review threads and see if you can find me trolling in them repeating the same rant in every review of any PS3 game you fucin idiot. lol

I dare you to go look, go ahead and see if I gave my opinion on any PS3 game then trolled every single review about any of those games, moron.
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okcomputer  +   3003d ago
pog you of all people have no right whatsoever to tell non-360 owners not to comment on 360 threads. I see you trolling the ps3 threads on a daily basis.
lonestarmt  +   3003d ago
haha trust me man, you don't want me to go looking at your own past comments and make you eat your own words.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
Sure, if I give my opinion on a PS3 game thats all I need to say just that one time or one thread, what you're saying is that I repeatedly troll every thread about that game to bash it. lol Go play your FF(JRPG's) no one cares how you feel in a Mass Effect thread we got it in the first few threads you were in.

EDIT: Go look in all the PS3 game review threads and see if you can find me trolling in them repeating the same rant in every review of any PS3 game you fucin idiot. lol
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rofldings  +   3003d ago
"what you're saying is that I repeatedly troll every thread about that game to bash it."

THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO. Shut the hell up.

No one wants your opinion on an Uncharted/R&C/PS3 thread either.
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games4fun  +   3003d ago
of all people
pog acts like he deserves to have a thread about his game left alone lol the hypocrisy is laughable how about there are a lot of bugs deal with it.
Oh and Karma is a B$tch
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BruceLeroy  +   3003d ago
POG...that's all you ever do is troll. Please stop now before you make an even bigger @$$ of yourself. Sad sad little troll.
OpiZA  +   3003d ago
Nice review :)

Will be getting this asap
SuicidalTendencies  +   3003d ago
Mass Effect is a real RPG. Those Final Fantasy games you play are just stories with some gameplay.

Edit: Or should I say movies with some gameplay? I'll take WRPG's over JRPG's any day of the year.
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sanderFVCKINcohen  +   3003d ago
Even though FF is an RPG. Mass Effect is a prime example of what a "ROLE PLAYING" game should be like. FF is a great game, but...if it is by your decisions that tell the outcome of a great story, and has different endings for replayability, THAN, Mass Effect is the TRUE RPG.
Mario18  +   3003d ago
Your only saying that because Final Fantasy is PS3 exclusive.
sanderFVCKINcohen  +   3003d ago
Im not going to say that I have a PS3, but my older brother does, and when Final Fantasy releases, I might be playing it too. Im pretty much an unbias 360 fanboy and MOSTLY a GAMER, and What you just stated is not true.

Im saying that because with new technology within this and the nextgen hardware youll start too see the RISE of WRPGs. JRPG gameplays are starting to get KINDA old now. And im starting to get tired of dudes who look like teenage girls with spiky hair.
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lonestarmt  +   3003d ago
haha Please, sounds like you were never a fan of Jrpgs to begin with. Just wait till Jap devs start to make rpgs on the next gen platforms, you might be suprised.
ichimaru  +   3003d ago
and another one
Maestro  +   3003d ago
That doesn't sound so good.
OpiZA  +   3003d ago
Did you read it?

"Because Mass Effect is a pile of amazing. It's so good that I have the game paused right now and I'm debating whether or not I should keep writing."
power of Green  +   3003d ago
What did you expect Kotaku is not a game review site they were waiting to grade it. They had their minds made up long ago about the tone they wanted to express.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
Sony fanboys on stand by waiting to bash and press dissagree. lol Your petty opinion's are not going to make any difference one way or the other so you should stop.
Rangitahi  +   3003d ago
Mass Effect........or Mass Bugs??

dissapointing, i wont buy this game.....too many flaws
iceice123  +   3003d ago
What sites do the lemmings trust?
Oh yeah I remember now:

Game informer: Mass effect: 9.75
IGN: 9.4

I think those were the last two sites they trust. Guess now you lemmings have no reviewer left to believe in :)

Mass effect average: 9.3, without gametrailers 9.6 yet.
games4fun  +   3003d ago
glad im not a lemming
the only reviewer i trust is me your a lemming if you believe others lol also since i have not played the game yet i really dont know how good it is, but nonsubjective things such as bugs cannot be denied now i know the game has bugs.
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Fighter  +   3003d ago
360 owners bash some PS3 games for bad frame rate but now what will they say when ME is getting marks taken off for horrible frame rate that occurs in the entire game.

According to 1UP the game is short for an rpg and the side missions suck.
BIoodmask  +   3003d ago
From what Kotaku
wrote it seems like they really liked the game. Personally I am really excited about Mass Effect. RPG is my favorite genre, so I am glad Bioware keeps on puting out new IP's.

They haven't let me down yet. KOTOR and Jade Empire were really great on the original XBox. Do the gaming industry a favor and go and pick up this game if you want more original content from Bioware.
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riqued  +   3003d ago
No one cares about bugs, framerates and a bunch of other little problems when its on the 360.
I also don't think that those things will bother too much when playing, but if a PS3 game has any of these problems everyone is bashing it.
Congratz ME is a really good game.
Rangitahi  +   3003d ago
its sad really..... a ps3 with framerate problems and bugs gets extremely low scores as a result...a 360 game with framerate problems gets 9+ wow just wow
PS3n360  +   3003d ago
ps3 gets bad reviews because of lack of originality.
Did you ever stop and think that the graphics glitches dont lower the score of either consoles games. 360 has better newer original exclusives and so they get higher scores. Expectations for sequels run higher than the games can deliver, so as not to appear overly fanboyish I ill use Halo 3 for example, I played that for about 6 hours online after beating the campaign now i am trading it in it sux. I think reviewers will always give new franchises a higher score. I wont be playin mass effect cause I got the RROD on Saturday. Piece of crap.
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Slayer OP  +   3003d ago
Since when does Kotaku review games?
DethWish  +   3003d ago
Reviewers should start not giving scores since they're just used for very weird comparisons.
Read the whole thing and see if you'll like it or not instead, that's what the long text is for :P
okcomputer  +   3003d ago
True, thats how it should be, but we're so obsessed with numbers and bottom lines as a socitey it would never happen. Either way I've read enough about ME to see that its a game i'll probably enjoy and I'm picking it up first day tomorow.
Rangitahi  +   3003d ago
^^enjoy the bugs
Myth  +   3003d ago
Released Too Soon?
Whether it's the stuttering frame rate or the awkward load-ins that unexpectedly (and frequently) halt the game entirely for several seconds, Mass Effect has some bizarre bugs. Occasional weirdness like different voice actors (or voice modulation effects) employed for the same characters during a single conversation draw attention to themselves, pulling you out of the moment. In one sequence, a timer bar for a self-destruct sequence remained obstructively onscreen until I stopped, saved, and reloaded the game. At this point, your teammates comment about events that haven't yet happened. Speaking of elevators, it's not a bug, but never before in a game have they moved so preposterously (and needlessly) slow. Whoever decided it was smart to make lifts move at the speed of an inebriated snail deserves to ride on one every day he or she goes to work.

But it's still like playing the weird descendent of an old choose-your-own-adventure book, with spurts of action inelegantly sandwiched between exhaustive dialogue trees that don't change the game to speak of. Smoothly paced or no, your conversations don't shape your experience in Mass Effect so much as shuffle you along like a weirdly glib FedEx operative.

While not as brilliantly articulated and emotive as Andy Serkis's directorial work on Heavenly Sword for the PS3, the character models in Mass Effect are something to behold when motionless.

Mass Effect all just story???

"One of the greatest science fiction stories ever told, and a new benchmark for video game storytelling"

"Now, you've probably noticed I haven't talked about gameplay"

"Most of the skirmishes, which begin and end in the blink of an eye, run into balancing issues, problematic SI, and a difficulty in comprehending what is traspiring"

"Out of the corner of you eye, you may see one of your teammates blindly firing at a wall two feet in front of him. Or perhaps a foe, who you didn’t even know existed, drains your shields from a location off your radar."

"The deep character and weapon customization can create some lethal and amusing blends, but after a few hours, you'll have seen it all."

"It doesn't live up to the large stage the story sets or the standards you've come to expect from action games and RPGs."

I'll buy it cause storyline and graphics is what I like, but I can not believe they scored it a 9.75 on just those factors. I am not making this up; if you don't believe me pick up a copy of Gameinformer #175
Rangitahi  +   3003d ago
its a xbox360 game. for some reason media are awfully biassed towards microsoft. if any ps3 game had those things said about it, it would score anything from 4 - 7
spammy_nooo  +   3003d ago
Good review. blah blah blah

The only reason I'm commenting is because I'm curious to see how few people on this site will comment(having ACTUALLY read the story) since there is no number score (X/10).

I'd bet that over half of the n4g user base just looks at the score and then b*tches/gloats without ever having read the review.

In other news, how could anybody actually afford all of these games coming out for the 360/ps3? With AAA's coming out for both systems left and right, I've found myself out of gaming money. Needless to say, I'm a tad bit embarrassed and desperately need consolation.
thepill88  +   3003d ago
Way to drop the ball guys...
Rangitahi  +   3003d ago
LOOKS like the only rpg we can hope for stays true to being a rpg is FFXIII
TheMART  +   3003d ago
Mass Effect went up

From 92% to 93% and now

it's at 94%!
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3003d ago
Damn you The Mart I was doing that same thing :-)
power of Green  +   3003d ago
TheMART at Xboxkings -
Thanks man I was just looking for that link you posted I seen in one of your earlier posts.

People might wan't to take into account that Mass Effect's grading might be influenced by the hate of EA(could be backlash due to the move and the hate of EA.

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