Steve Jobs’ Legacy: Unintended Dominance of Mobile Gaming

By all accounts, Steve Jobs was not a gamer. Despite an early job at Atari, the late founder of Apple focused on other forms of entertainment – especially music – as his company reemerged as an industry leader. Somehow the company just happened to change the videogame industry entirely. And the way Jobs told it, he never really expected that to happen.

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Kamikaze1352540d ago

he never came close to dominating the mobile gaming industry, lol.

kesvalk2540d ago

from where this guys pull this kind of bullshit?

Kamikaze1352540d ago

It's a fact. Not to hate on his success because he deserves nothing but praise for his accomplishments, but he never came close to dominating mobile gaming.

Washington-Capitals2539d ago

Its a fact that Steve Jobs almost killed Apple until MS bailed him out.

Its also a fact Jobs almost killed PIXAR before Ed Catmull who had a close relationship with Disney was able to save the company.

I see his legacy different than most because I believe the capabilities of Apple products are grossly over-hyped. While people were using MP3 players, downloading digital music and playing Quake on smartphones for years prior, Apple made these products accessible to a mainstream market thathad struggled with technology for 20+ years. More than Apple innovates, they refine and repackage.

People make this man greater then he actually was.

kesvalk2539d ago

i dunno if you misunderstood but when i say guys, i am talking about the guys who made the article...

i am well aweare that apple never had and never will dominate mobile gaming...

PCRockStar2540d ago

You are wrong about that. IOS does more gaming than any other system! That is a fact. Look it up!'

Kamikaze1352540d ago

Mostly shovelware. Only few apps make a profit. Like I said he didn't come close to dominating it.

PCRockStar2540d ago

Every system has shovelware mate. Look at the Wii.
To dismiss IOS shows serious ignorance.

Kamikaze1352540d ago

Having 1,000+ apps on the app store doesn't mean it does more gaming than other devices. Most of it is just crap. Some games are good and some are amazing, but that's less than 5% of the gaming apps.

Feel free to delude yourself all you want, but don't spread lies.

PCRockStar2540d ago

Maybe you don't know just how many IOS devices are out there. Or you have no idea just how many game apps there are.

All you got to do is look at the numbers man. That spells it all out. You seem to have a hatred for Apple and IOS and I don't really care why. It sounds like you are a fanboy of PS3 or 360 and like most kids, have to defend your purchase. In the end, you are flat out wrong. I can back up everything I said with fact. You have nothing but opinion. That is the difference between a man and a boy!

MisterAV2539d ago

before iOS there was J2ME, a mobile experience for almost every phone in the world. You code one time and run almost everywere. And if you look at the numbers even now it probably has the top. Only recently with iOS,Android and WP7, J2ME was excluded from smartphones...

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life doomer2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

whoever approves this is stupid.

CrzyFooL2539d ago

iOS is a beastly gaming platform.

TopDudeMan2539d ago

Say what you want about his (looking for the right word, maybe "greedy"?) business plans, but he was a bloody genius.

kesvalk2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

that he was, he made ppl buy the crap apple makes for a abusrd price, he was indeed a genius...

death2smoochie2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

He (Apple) never dominated mobile gaming, but he did change the market for mobile gaming in regards to casual on the go mobile gaming and how it operates.

The market changed drastically because of the iphone/ipad wether you want to believe it or not. For better or for worse.
When you have Sony and Nintendo taking notice of the rise of cell phone/Tablet gaming at an accelerated rate, you know it has had a large impact on dedicated hand held gaming.
But he never dominated mobile gaming.
He was just instrumental in changing its direction.