1UP reviews Mass Effect

1UP's Jennifer Tsao reviews Mass Effect.

Editor's Rating: 9.0, Excellent

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skynidas3681d ago

WOW strangely low rating

Danja3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Maybe the game is seriously over hyped and it isn't that great after all...and they just gave it a 9 cuz they couldn't go against the rule of not giving a major 360 game sub 9 ratings...

ktchong3681d ago

Uncharted: 8.5

Ratchet & Clank Future: 8.5

MK_Red3681d ago

While I don't think 9/10 is a low score, I do believe that it's a low score for ME from 1UP that gave 8.5 to NFS: ProStreet. If NFS is a 8.5 in racing genre, then ME is a 11 in RPG genre.
But why am I even talking about 1UP? They gave PGR4 a 8.5, same as NFS: ProStreet. That says something for their review standards...

ME is easily a 9.5-10 game IMO even with it's flaws.

Danja3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Can you explain to me why this game deserves a 9.5 to 10...even with flaws..?? is it because it's made by the amzing Bioware..? who also made a game called Bioshock that ur head over heals in love with..?

Have you played ME yet..? so you shouldn't be basing how great thegame is because of whoever made it..or you just think it looks good...remember AC..yeah I plyed it but it was not that great..good on it own merits..but overall a let down..!

"im not dissing you just saying you can't say a game desrves a perfect score even though it has obvious flaws and no game deserves a perfect score cuz there isn't a prfect game"

EDIT: Thanks Gil simple mistake..

Gil3681d ago

Hey there genius! Just FYI, Irrational Games (2K Boston) made Bioshock, not Bioware.

OOG FunK3681d ago

you my friend have just made yourself sound like an ass by saying they made really....why dont you go post about games you may have at least ya know a bit a knowledge about and stop giving your biased opinions

fredy3681d ago

fanboys like Danja will never own the game or play anything other then sony made but is trying to give his biased pov. Your starting to be in the same company as shaka.

How are biased fanboys that only play one console credible?

Blame Microsoft as always, they paid 1up for a lower score..

WilliamRLBaker3681d ago

its not his fault hes a sony fanboy they tend not to care to learn to much bout any thing.

MK_Red3681d ago

Guys please stop attacking Danja and PS3 fans. It was a mistake not a bloody sin or something (And I'm a BioShock fanatic as well as a PS3 fan).

Danja, we got Mass Effect a couple of days ago for our magazine and I'm the guy that's reviewing it and so far, it's indeed one hell of a 10/10 game even with all tech issues (The side quest missions are not as compelling as NWN or Baldur's Gate 2 and their locations have much lower detail. There are shadow and other problems BUT games are about the experience and fun and in that regard, ME is easily a GOTY worthy game and a 9.5-10 /10.

jjfunaz3680d ago

I have a hard time believing that ME is a 9.5-10 worthy game. From everything that I've read, it seems exactly the same as all the other Bioware games, with a less fun battle system.

The whole dialog unlocking scheme has been done to DEATH by EVERY bioware game. While I'm not saying that ME is a bad game, its simply not revolutionary in the way that their previous games were. Also I can't see any RPG only lasting 10-12 hours worthy of 10s.

While I don't need a 100 hour snore fest like Oblivion (what is the story even about??) it can't be 10-12 hours long. I don't care if I can go back and replay it and this time kill person x instead of talking them into going piecefully.

I hope its fun, and entertaining. But I definately cannot see this game as 10/10 potential.

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power of Green 3681d ago

And thats because they couldn't go against the rule of not giving a major PS3 title a pretty high score.

Maestro3681d ago

That article was right, Mass Effect didn't live up to the hype.

ZombiesNJ3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

You can't trust any review. I will always rent or try the game at a friend's house before I buy most games now. This game seems like a must buy though. I hope they fix the glitches in it though with a patch...but probably won't happen.

Meus Renaissance3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

A game doesn't need to have online multiplayer to get above a 9 or even a 10, this needs to be heard by these reviewers.

jaja14343680d ago

I know, why would you have MP in a RPG? In my simple opinion MP has no place in any RPG. Plain and simple.

jjfunaz3680d ago

Your wrong. If a previous version of a game had multiplayer, when the sequal comes out without multiplayer (IE, ratchet and clank) that HAS to be taken into consideration.

Especially since the NEXT version of that game probably WILL have multiplayer.