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Submitted by ktchong 3003d ago | review

1UP reviews Mass Effect

1UP's Jennifer Tsao reviews Mass Effect. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 9/10

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Editor's Rating: 9.0, Excellent

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skynidas  +   3003d ago
WOW strangely low rating
Danja  +   3003d ago
Maybe the game is seriously over hyped and it isn't that great after all...and they just gave it a 9 cuz they couldn't go against the rule of not giving a major 360 game sub 9 ratings...
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ktchong  +   3003d ago
1UP did give
Uncharted: 8.5

Ratchet & Clank Future: 8.5
MK_Red  +   3003d ago
While I don't think 9/10 is a low score, I do believe that it's a low score for ME from 1UP that gave 8.5 to NFS: ProStreet. If NFS is a 8.5 in racing genre, then ME is a 11 in RPG genre.
But why am I even talking about 1UP? They gave PGR4 a 8.5, same as NFS: ProStreet. That says something for their review standards...

ME is easily a 9.5-10 game IMO even with it's flaws.
Danja  +   3003d ago
Can you explain to me why this game deserves a 9.5 to 10...even with flaws..?? is it because it's made by the amzing Bioware..? who also made a game called Bioshock that ur head over heals in love with..?

Have you played ME yet..? so you shouldn't be basing how great thegame is because of whoever made it..or you just think it looks good...remember AC..yeah I plyed it but it was not that great..good on it own merits..but overall a let down..!

"im not dissing you just saying you can't say a game desrves a perfect score even though it has obvious flaws and no game deserves a perfect score cuz there isn't a prfect game"

EDIT: Thanks Gil simple mistake..
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Gil  +   3003d ago
@ danja
Hey there genius! Just FYI, Irrational Games (2K Boston) made Bioshock, not Bioware.
OOG FunK  +   3003d ago
O Danja
you my friend have just made yourself sound like an ass by saying they made really....why dont you go post about games you may have at least ya know a bit a knowledge about and stop giving your biased opinions
fredy  +   3003d ago
What I find funny is
fanboys like Danja will never own the game or play anything other then sony made but is trying to give his biased pov. Your starting to be in the same company as shaka.

How are biased fanboys that only play one console credible?

Blame Microsoft as always, they paid 1up for a lower score..
WilliamRLBaker  +   3003d ago
lol dont hark on danja
its not his fault hes a sony fanboy they tend not to care to learn to much bout any thing.
MK_Red  +   3003d ago
Guys please stop attacking Danja and PS3 fans. It was a mistake not a bloody sin or something (And I'm a BioShock fanatic as well as a PS3 fan).

Danja, we got Mass Effect a couple of days ago for our magazine and I'm the guy that's reviewing it and so far, it's indeed one hell of a 10/10 game even with all tech issues (The side quest missions are not as compelling as NWN or Baldur's Gate 2 and their locations have much lower detail. There are shadow and other problems BUT games are about the experience and fun and in that regard, ME is easily a GOTY worthy game and a 9.5-10 /10.
jjfunaz  +   3003d ago
I have a hard time believing that ME is a 9.5-10 worthy game. From everything that I've read, it seems exactly the same as all the other Bioware games, with a less fun battle system.

The whole dialog unlocking scheme has been done to DEATH by EVERY bioware game. While I'm not saying that ME is a bad game, its simply not revolutionary in the way that their previous games were. Also I can't see any RPG only lasting 10-12 hours worthy of 10s.

While I don't need a 100 hour snore fest like Oblivion (what is the story even about??) it can't be 10-12 hours long. I don't care if I can go back and replay it and this time kill person x instead of talking them into going piecefully.

I hope its fun, and entertaining. But I definately cannot see this game as 10/10 potential.
power of Green  +   3003d ago
And thats because they couldn't go against the rule of not giving a major PS3 title a pretty high score.
Maestro  +   3003d ago
That article was right, Mass Effect didn't live up to the hype.
ZombiesNJ  +   3003d ago
You can't trust any review. I will always rent or try the game at a friend's house before I buy most games now. This game seems like a must buy though. I hope they fix the glitches in it though with a patch...but probably won't happen.
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Meus Renaissance  +   3003d ago
A game doesn't need to have online multiplayer to get above a 9 or even a 10, this needs to be heard by these reviewers.
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jaja1434  +   3003d ago
I know, why would you have MP in a RPG? In my simple opinion MP has no place in any RPG. Plain and simple.
jjfunaz  +   3003d ago
Your wrong. If a previous version of a game had multiplayer, when the sequal comes out without multiplayer (IE, ratchet and clank) that HAS to be taken into consideration.

Especially since the NEXT version of that game probably WILL have multiplayer.
Silver Bull3t  +   3003d ago
Even though she didn't mention it, I wonder if turning off the film-grain effect and motion blur will help with the supposed texture pop-in and framerate under heavy action?...
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   3003d ago
i think the pop in is a hardware issue
ive seen it in gears of war and rainbow 6 vegas and all these games use the unreal didnt really take away from the game experience but it might bother some people
Kleptic  +   3003d ago
man though I have always hated the "texture loading in real time" thing...Gears had it pretty bad, as did Vegas (suprisingly two UE3 based games)...and now they are saying ME does it?...

Uncharted is the only PS3 game to have it commented on from what I have seen (aside from Vegas that had it horribly bad)...I only noticed it on one sort of cut scene (the level loads, and you can't control Drake for like a minute because he is talking to sully...I think its the beginning of part 2) takes like 5 seconds for the ground texture to load in correctly...I know its a tiny detail...but it drives me crazy...just load the level 5 seconds longer or something...then start it...

either way...still can't wait to play ME...its the first 360 game that I have purchased, and yet still don't own a 360...roommates 4tw!
Covenant  +   3003d ago
So far the reviews seem to arrive at the same conclusion: Amazing game, beautiful graphics, but doesn't *quite* live up to the hype.

But will that affect sales?

No. I smell a million-seller.

And unfortunately, great reviews do not always lead to great sales...or else, Okami, Psychonauts, and R&C: Future would have fared better.
MK_Red  +   3003d ago
Ratchet & Clank TOD sold way better than Psychonauts and Okami which...
OMG, Psychonauts and Okami didn't sell. I'm losing my temper again. SHAME ON every gamer that didn't buy and play them.
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jjfunaz  +   3003d ago
I will agree with you here. Physconaughts and Okami definately were some inspiring games. Add Shadows of Collosus to that list of amazing games that didn't sell as well as they should
mesh1  +   3003d ago
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   3003d ago
i can see cod4 becoming goty
most of the games people say should be goty mostly have flaws, and you have to take the texture pop ins and inconsistent frames rate ME has into consideration, CoD4 is an awesome game all around, has an awesome online component, the only flaw was that single player was too short...add the fact that cod4 is on 4 platforms and ME is on a single platform and cod4 becomes a serious goty contender...but i wouldnt be surprised of halo3, bioshock, mass effect get goty tho..
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jjfunaz  +   3003d ago
COD4 is not GOTY. Its a steller FPS, but not quite as good as Halo3. I know alot of people hate H3 on this site, but the advancements in the matchmaking, video sharing, forge, are all unheard of before.

I don't see ME as GOTY either, so we'll see what happens.
kingfury  +   3003d ago
Mass Effect is flop of the year.

Mass Effect
Two Worlds
Hour of Victory

What other bullshiet is coming to 360 next?
jcgamer  +   3003d ago
What other BS is coming to 360 next?
well, hopefully not a LAIR port...
Danja  +   3003d ago
Im guessing you played Lair huh..? to know it's not a good game....besides the 360 doesn't have Motion Controls so Lair might actually play better with analogs...
Wii60_FTW  +   3003d ago
Rick James  +   3003d ago
KingFury. How exactly do you judge a flop?
This game will be a million seller by the end of the year regardless of what reviewers say. From what I have seen on Metacritic this game is getting great reviews acroos the board. Flop huh? You do know that 360 owners actually buy games. Maybe you should change your post to "I wish this game would flop". It's obvious from your post that your either insecure about this game being successful, or jealous that you wont be able to play it on the PS3. I bet it's a little of both.
jaja1434  +   3003d ago
Kingfury: losing bubbles, one post at a time.
chrno6  +   3003d ago
Well, just keep in mind that Jennifer is the biggest 360 fangirl in the team. And 9/10 s a good score..
Almighty  +   3003d ago
mass effect Xbox 360 goty
Maestro  +   3003d ago
Ratchet & Clank TOD sold really good and way better than Psychonauts and Okami which...
Shut Up Mk_Red, you are full of crap.

Ratchet & Clank sold like 75k in October, less than 10k in Japan, and is not even in the top 40 in Europe. Is that "really good"?

Stop being a jerk, you only fool yourself.
MK_Red  +   3003d ago
I'm not saying it's a mega seller. It sold way more compared to Okami and Psychonauts. 2 Classics that deserved to sell millions, do you even know these 2?
TeaDouble_E  +   3003d ago
Whats your problem with MK_Red ?
Its not like he hates you.
Bladestar  +   3003d ago
how can you Sony fanboys look at yourself in the mirror everyday?

Specially kingfury and Maestro...

"Editor's Rating: 9.0, Excellent"!

Flop? "Mass Effect didn't live up to the hype."? 9.0/10!? What do you have to say about EVERY PS3 game then? Did any PS3 exclusive game got 9 and 10 such as this game is getting?

Sony and their fanboys wish... they would be getting flopped such as Mass Effect... 9.0 a flop! ahhhhhhhhh hahahaha! Losers...
fopums  +   3003d ago
Maestro isn't a sony fanboy, if you even glance at his post history you could figure that one out. Not saying I support his or YOUR fanboyish behavior.

the irony in you post is astounding
goodganja44  +   3003d ago

How can you look in the mirror and be blinded by all of the hype that Micro$hit feeds you BOTS. Mass Effect is garbage, and PS3 will be getting a better port. BELIEVE THAT.

You want to play the ratings game? What can Micro$hit produce IN HOUSE that has over an 85% rating. Give me 5 games. I dare you.

PS3 on the other hand while not having 99% has solid and consistent ratings across the boards. On an average, 10-15 PS3 games will stay in between the 8-10 range. While 360 will get maybe 10/10 games, 3 8/10 and then the rest just flops from there.

Dont believe me? go play some Vampire Rain and tell me how you feel in the morning.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
OpiZA  +   3003d ago
Only in the world of gaming can a 9/10 be seen as bad.


So far the average from all reviews linked from this site is sitting at around 94%...

AllroundGamer  +   3003d ago
even 9 is too high i think, i played it about 3 hours and took it out of my drive... the whole inventory system is too simple, i wished it would be more complex like in a real RPG game.
QQcrybaby  +   3003d ago
On Class Balance
FYI she maxed out Charm and Intimidate. Then she goes on to say that the last boss was too difficult for her character. Maybe she just isn't that bright of a girl? Of course maxing charm and intimidate is going to gimp your character. Pick one or the other :/
Myth  +   3003d ago
Released Too Soon?
Whether it's the stuttering frame rate or the awkward load-ins that unexpectedly (and frequently) halt the game entirely for several seconds, Mass Effect has some bizarre bugs. Occasional weirdness like different voice actors (or voice modulation effects) employed for the same characters during a single conversation draw attention to themselves, pulling you out of the moment. In one sequence, a timer bar for a self-destruct sequence remained obstructively onscreen until I stopped, saved, and reloaded the game. At this point, your teammates comment about events that haven't yet happened. Speaking of elevators, it's not a bug, but never before in a game have they moved so preposterously (and needlessly) slow. Whoever decided it was smart to make lifts move at the speed of an inebriated snail deserves to ride on one every day he or she goes to work.

But it's still like playing the weird descendent of an old choose-your-own-adventure book, with spurts of action inelegantly sandwiched between exhaustive dialogue trees that don't change the game to speak of. Smoothly paced or no, your conversations don't shape your experience in Mass Effect so much as shuffle you along like a weirdly glib FedEx operative.

While not as brilliantly articulated and emotive as Andy Serkis's directorial work on Heavenly Sword for the PS3, the character models in Mass Effect are something to behold when motionless.
crank  +   3003d ago



jackdoe  +   3003d ago
Hm, this game isn't getting the massive amounts of 10s that I thought it would. Guess reviewers took flak over all the 10s they've given out to Bioshock and Halo 3 that they decided to cut back.
Danja  +   3003d ago
or maybe the game just isn't that great as it was hyped up to be...
jackdoe  +   3003d ago
The two games I listed above were not as good as they were hyped to be either.
Gina-get-u  +   3003d ago
One other weakness I see in these numerical ratings
The scores don't just vary between sites and publications. Within each site or magazine scores also vary between reviewers. I don't know how many reviews Jennifer Tsao has done, but we don't know what the score would have been if Dan Hsu or somebody else over there did the review. No doubt game publishers will try to manipulate the system by steering a review copy towards the editor with a history of generous scores.

As far as I'm concerned, the best reviewer is the one that agrees with you. By that I mean find the reviewer whose personal tastes and viewpoints most closely resemble yours, then just stick with him or her. Otherwise, stick to metareviews, which tend to minimize the effect of idiosyncratic or abberrant scores and give a closer approximation of the mainstream perception of the game. Even then, a metascore is most useful to those whose personal preferences closely correspond to the mainstream. If you are a wierdo who has strange or eccentric tastes, metareviews, or any other review for that matter, will not be useful to you.

In these types of threads, it may be more useful for people to critique the game itself instead of commenting on what somebody else said about the game (which a lot of you often do without even having played the game yet). If you comment about the game, other readers may get a handle on whether you share their tastes and whether your opinion is valuable to them.
Rhezin  +   3003d ago
9.0? hmmm I don't give a **** this is what I'm playing over Christmas since there is NOTHING coming out after Mass Effect until 08.
u got owned  +   3003d ago
there's a lot of people i n denial here... ME is GOTY, accept it and move on.
green  +   3003d ago
what is going on with mass effect is similar to the story of uncharted.Overall these games are brilliant to both 360 and PS3 owners.Even if they have a few problems, it cant detract from the overall feel that the game will give at the end of the day.

I dont think that the mixed reviews can stop uncharted and mass effect becoming the biggest holiday titles on both consoles.

Everyone enjoy.
spikormikor13  +   3003d ago
And people wonder why the ratings are so inflated? A 9 is considered bad by some people... That's just sad. Notice the word next to it: "Excellent."
Game Crazy  +   3003d ago
I am looking forward to giving this game a try:
I dont understand how people just trounce games like Mass Effect or Uncharted because of what some reviewer said on a website. I have watched plenty of movies that got bad scores from these so called expert movie critics and came away very satisfied. I am glad I didnt listen to the reviews. I would have missed out on a great experience.

Videogames are the same way. I dont let this website dictate what should be a good game or a good console. As an owner of both the PS3 and 360 I get to choose which games are "AAA" and which games are not. Just remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this is a great site for checking up on gaming news, but the some of these extreme fanboy comments really give this site a black eye.

I think that anybody that owns both consoles can agree that both the PS3 and 360 are great. Both consoles have great games. I wish we would stop hating on the other console just because you dont own it. Stop hating on games just because you cant play it on your console.

Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. Right or wrong. But at least try to form your own opinions. Instead of letting some "expert" or "fanboy" dictate what you think.
Bill Gates  +   3003d ago
M$ Shiet all over the rating system for games with their money.

Massive Shiet SUCKS and it's still being touted as 10's and 9's???


But the XBOTS still fall for it, buy the game and hate it, but than they still defend the game just because they are brainwashed like that.....AAAAHHAHAH

Poor Souls...This game sucks and just like the 360, it too does nothing new and is LOADED with bugs caused by hardwear issues....AAAHAAHAHAHHA

Have a nice time L...O...A...D...I...N...G..... ...X..B..O..T..S..!!!hahha
The Panther  +   3003d ago
OatLoops  +   3003d ago
I've never seen so much snobbery in my life - from both sides. Mass Effect is GOTY? Mass Effect is a failure? I wish one of you people saying that tripe would back it up since you've obviously played it. From what I've read so far, no reviewers (obviously not counting Xbox oriented site/mag reviews) is claiming it to be GOTY, but they sure aren't calling it a failure either.
QuietStorm  +   3003d ago
its a good game a solid 8.5 if you didnt count the countless xbox mags or websites this is a 8.7 on metacritic.
Double-Edged  +   3003d ago
This game.
is greater than Uncharted.
Mass Effect is here.
still tea baggin the PS3
Myth  +   3003d ago
It's amazing
You haven't played either game. It's amazing how you can tell what game is better. What type of power do you have? Are you psychic or just a biased idiot?
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