Dynasty Warriors Next Will Feature 65 Playable Characters, 4-Player Co-op

New details regarding Dynasty Warriors Next for the PlayStation Vita were revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu. According to the publication DW Next will feature 65 playable characters indicating that everyone from Dynasty Warriors 7 plus the three new ones introduced for Xtreme Legends will return in the Vita version.

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Misterhbk2475d ago

Wow, 4-player co-op? nice feature for a warriors game right there. I may go ahead and pick this one up as well. Online play on the Vita is definitely gonna change the scope of handheld gaming.

Beetey2476d ago

It would be nice if they could make this a NA launch title aswell.

Xof2475d ago

Who needs quality when you can have quantity instead?

I'll bet they re-use movesets for more than half that list. And I'll also bet the gameplay is only superficially different than that of any other Musou title.