CVG - X-Men: Destiny: 'There was no real pressure from a fan service perspective'

CVG - Silicon Knights' Julian Spillane on carving Destiny.

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Pandamobile2543d ago

Oh hey that guy was one of my professors last year.

badjournalism2542d ago

Apparently there was no real pressure to make a good game, either.

Baka-akaB2542d ago

well no pressure when you ignore everyone and pumps out crap indeed .

Baka-akaB2542d ago

" We wanted to craft an experience that was thematically true to the X-Men Universe and that really made the player feel like they are a part of something big."

Massive failure then .
Besides by the gods start with the graphics and designs at the very least .
What's the point of comic books game that's ugly and unappealing ?

Coming from such a graphic art form that's sheer madness . Even the worst anime game adaptations somehow gets that it should at least look close in some shape to the original material .

As usual activision had everything , from licenses to ressources and this time a great writer onboard , and they still churn out crap .

LightofDarkness2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

That and seemingly ignoring many of the trappings that make up the characters of the X-Men.

Juggernaut hates mutants, wouldn't team up with them (even if they're "bad"), with the exception of Black Tom. Especially not if they're a mutants' rights group like The Brotherhood are.

Magneto doesn't care if you fight "like a warrior" (really?), he would never say something that dumb and archaic. He doesn't care how you do it, he only cares if you do it, he's an "ends justify the means" kind of guy.

If you're going to ignore so much of the traits of the characters, why use the X-Men license at all? Because you know you can only create crappy games and have to rely on the goodwill of a franchise name to carry you?

Baka-akaB2542d ago

Juggy changed . Juggernaut, courtesy of a ruse engineered by Black Tom Cassidy, eventually allies with and joins the X-Men, the plan being to destroy the team from within. When Cassidy openly betrays the Juggernaut, Marko decides to remain with the X-Men and attempt to change his ways.

Of course it didnt really work out , but even afterward he could work with mutants on various team , good or evil .

GoldenPheasant2542d ago

I'm really enjoying the fact that these clowns get tax payer money from my government to run their studio! F***ing awesome!

CyrusNightshade2542d ago

**SPOILER**(if anyone cares)

I though it was funny that they wanted to get DNA from Pixie so they could make portals/teleport....only they ignore that, that ablity has nothing to do with her mutation. Its a magic spell...witch they show her use.


Baka-akaB2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

It's to add to the list of rather bafflign things . Like everyone showing little to no reaction when one of the three stooges (the crappy heroes of the game) suddenly switch back and forth between powers .

even "powers borrowers" like mimic or rogue are known for some limitations and side effects . here it's like "sup' everyone , i can teleport and use cyclops blasts but its nothing you havent seen yet right ? "

Mike Carey was involved but he obviously didnt have full control and final say i'd bet . And the parts that sounds like his work are done well enough , for an horrible activision comics game