New Skyward Sword Gameplay Details: HUD Specifics, Left-Handed Option, and So Much More

Some new Skyward Sword details surfaced today, including some specifics on HUD customization, a left-handed control option, and the amount of health players will start with this time around.

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BldyShdw2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

So excited!!!

Hopefully when you use the left hand Link does as well...that would be the only reason I personally would do it.

Starting with six hearts doesn't bother me in the least.

Also being able to remove the ugly wiimote from the screen is a giant plus for me.

mastiffchild2391d ago

Well, I'm thinking the cutscenes may stay the same(with Link a righty) but see little reason he can't be mirrored for gameplay and, as a lefty on the game when it finally might impact the game play itself, it's brilliant to see them allowing Link to use what is, historically, his correct hand. In fact, I can't see them doing it WITHOUT changing the onscreen Link as it just won't work if they don't, will it? Definitely make it puzzling if they don't anyway.

Iroquois_Pliskin2391d ago

Jesus, I hope Skyward Sword is similar to Twilight Princess. Easily logged in 80 hours on TP

Ramas2391d ago

Received my copy, game was sealed,but DLC code is not working, it says incorect or already been used. Any idea how is this possible in sealed game? someone guesed it?