Is Dark Souls the Hardest Videogame Ever?

Ryan Kuo of The Wall Street Journal writes:

To say that Dark Souls is “hard” doesn’t quite complete the picture. True, the new game from Japanese studio From Software is the hardest game of this console generation. What might be a 20-minute section of town or dungeon in any other role-playing game, like Skyrim or Diablo III, is in Dark Souls a two-hour process of dying deeply unfortunate deaths—being surrounded by spear- and axe-wielding undead, skewered by a wayward arrow, poisoned by giant rats bearing open wounds, stomped on by a bull-demon on a closed bridge—and starting again.

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Voxelman2543d ago

Finnishing a hell run on Diablo II on a PVP server in with a hardcore char or Even the witcher 2 on Insane where if you die you cannot load and have to start over from the start and it's 30+ hour RPG where you can die in a few secconds if your concentration lapses or you are cornered.

Then there are rougelikes like nethack

Tanir2542d ago

um putting a game on hard difficulty doesnt count.

Dark souls is this difficult no matter who plays, there is no difficulty setting.

cannot count difficulty settings, normal only because thats what those games are meant to be played at.

thats like me saying play dark souls on the 10th playthrough (where difficulty would increase 20 fold)

no we speak of when ever you pick up dark souls its this hard out of the box

Voxelman2542d ago

Nethack has no difficulty levels it's permadeath all the time

DA_SHREDDER2543d ago

Its harder than Demon's Souls that's forsure.

DaTruth2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

WTF were they thinking! I know I'm doing good because I hardly die while fighting through levels or mini-bosses, but those real bosses are F-ed up! I only beat the second boss because I fell off the cliff and he followed me over, but now I'm up against the Bell tower Gergoyle and as soon as I worked out a system to beat him, another energy bar appeared and fire and dead! And the AI; he even attempted to defeat my system by backing into the edge of the church so I couldn't get behind him!

I honestly don't know how I'm gonna beat two of these guys!

Edit: In Demon's Souls if you ran up against a wall, you could just start at another archstone, continue progressing and come back later when you're more powerful and better equipped. But right now I have no choice but to fight these guys to proceed!

floetry1012542d ago

Dark Souls is up there and probably the toughest game of this generation, but it doesn't beat out some of the early NES and SNES games that were just impenetrable fortresses of pain. Ninja Gaiden, Contra and Battletoads, I'm looking at you.

Julie2542d ago

Battletoads D: i could never finish that game!!

I loved Demon's Souls but i can't find Dark Souls anywhere :( and i want to play it badly!

badz1492542d ago

and then ghost & Goblins

BigBoss072542d ago

Ugh... don't mention BattleToads. I think that game is still the hardest game ever created. You need the relfexes of a 30+ year trained ninja/assassin with cyborg implants to hope to finish that game.

OT: Dark Souls is definitely a lot harder than Demon Souls. Enemies seem to be more intelligent and attack in groups. They also combo their strikes and guard with their shields then attack. Those are just the base Hollows. Sneaking to backstab just became extremely important to winning the fights with more difficult enemies.

KingPin2542d ago

simple answer NO!!

HARDEST GAME EVER belongs to a certain QBert.
if anything, that game will teach you patience!!

Ramas2542d ago

stop joking, try some games that are 20 years old, then you understand the meaning of dificult ;)

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