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Geoff Parmenter writes: A game like Dark Souls is particularly hard to review. This is not a game designed for relaxation. The joy of defeating an enemy is always tinged with memories of the hours spent getting much too familiar with the loading screen. Dark Souls is not for those who simply play games for easy fun. But there are many who are weary of being coddled to a game's conclusion. Those wishing to test themselves against a game that doesn't care if they are having a modicum of fun, a game that will strain their resolve and largely leave them with an utter sense of defeat; those seeking a high they've not experienced ever since success became gaming's most debased currency need look no further than Dark Souls. Get into the Dark Souls mindset and be prepared for repeated failure in one of the most engrossing gaming experiences available.

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Run_bare2475d ago

This going to make me loss sleep and take lot's of sicky at work.