Apple: Steve Jobs has died

Apple says Steve Jobs has died.

He was the co-founder, chairman, and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. and was the driving force behind Apple's surge as a consumer tech and computer company with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

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Autodidactdystopia2148d ago

HOly WTF??????

one day were here making i-toasters next day were toast.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2148d ago

Wow, this is very upsetting. I didn't know Jobs was this ill.

May he rest in peace ='(

lociefer2148d ago

Omg that came out of nowhere im shocked !!!!! RIP

jony_dols2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I'm not the biggest Apple fan.
But I had a lot of respect for Steve Jobs and all the work that he has done.

How many other CEOs of multinational corporations can you say that about?


MAJ0R2148d ago

hes been sick for quite a while, something like 8 years he's been battling pancreatic cancer but hasn't been very public about it

Boody-Bandit2148d ago

Sad day. Jobs was truly a visionary and an amazing person.

Cancer sucks! We really need to eradicate ALL cancer. I don't see we are not further along in stopping this dreadful disease once and for all.

Washington-Capitals2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

There was a time when everyone expected Apple would be dead by the end of the 90's.

Steve Jobs made sure that didn't happen. His legacy is more than just an iPhone or an iPad, it's the fact that today, you can actually buy an Apple product.
Microsoft invested 150 million dollars to help Steve Jobs save a dying Apple, but never gets any credit.

I see his legacy different than most because I believe the capabilities of Apple products are grossly over-hyped. While people were using MP3 players, downloading digital music and playing Quake on smartphones for years prior, Apple made these products accessible to a mainstream market that
had struggled with technology for 20+ years. More than Apple innovates, they refine and repackage.

He also used his experience and contacts from Pixar and Disney to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and online services. The introduction of iTunes wasn't remarkable as concept, software, or technology, but its licensing agreements and business model were.

So to me, the true legacy
of Steve Jobs is bringing the benefits of modern information technology to the mainstream population.

some say his last thoughts were probably "no one is happy that the new iPhone is the 4S and not the 5."

zeeshan2148d ago

This is a very sad news!

DragonKnight2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

@BrutallyHonest: Read this link.

You'll see that cancer can be stopped, but there's no money in stopping it.

**EDIT** Man, look at all the Offensives here. As someone else said "Stay Classy N4G." Only on the internet can you pay respect for a life lost and have people trolling about it.

Kevin ButIer2148d ago

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. RIP

newhumanbreed2148d ago


Does Bill Gates still count?

starchild2148d ago

Very sad news indeed. May you rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.

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SilentNegotiator2148d ago

56 is too young. What a shame.

I'm curious as to what this means for the future of Apple. Will its stock tumble tomorrow? Will this mean a 'new chapter' in which Apple shareholders soon accept a post-Jobs Apple? Will there ever be such a popular corporation head again?

trancefreak2148d ago

Rip Steve your were an amazing pioneer. May your journey continue in that eternal heavenly peace.

malol2148d ago

just woke up
and im in shock
the guy is a legend among us tech guys (im a network Engineer)
and a personal idol of mine

very sad day

jeseth2148d ago

We kind of saw this coming bad its still really sad.

He and his company were the innovators of digital media and downloadable media. Many have done it but not with the success or on the level of Apple.

The world has lost a true asset and a brilliant mind.

Rest in Peace Steve, your life's work will live on forever. I hope that the people taking the lead in his wake understand the responisbility and duty they have to carry on his legacy.

Peppino72148d ago

Its a sad day. He's given so much to us. Hopefully he went peacefully.

nix2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

RIP Jobs.

hay2148d ago

Jobs achieved what all of us cumulated won't ever achieve. We shouldn't be sorry for him. He should be sorry for us for not having the balls to fulfill our dreams.

sikbeta2148d ago

What a shock, I thought the internet was trolling me, but it's true, R.I.P

ChrisW2148d ago

"Steve Jobs has passed away" is a lot better to say... Sounds more sensitive and cordial.

Hayabusa 1172148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

^^ I agree. "Steve Jobs has died" though grammatically correct, doesn't convey any sympathy. Only on a gaming site will you find such a headline. I'm sure whoever submitted the article didn't intend it to be read like that but it's a classic example of us gamers loosing our ability to communicate properly :(

Though I'm not a fan of Apple or their products, I have tremendous respect for what they have achieved and I know most of that came from Steve Jobs. I hope the company will continue to pioneer without him, and my condolences go out to the family. We have lost a truly lost remarkable man.

nnotdead2148d ago


because we care more about the next iproduct, and thats the way good old Jobies liked it.

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jadenkorri2147d ago

its sad to see such a great mind pass on.. Heart goes out to apple friends and family...

on N4G, whats with all the disagrees, how sad are you..

very interesting, hope a cure comes for all cancer, and reading the article, I am a true gamer, cause all I though about was Parasite eve.

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Mucudadada2148d ago

He was truly a visionary. RIP, sir.

Jio2148d ago

People may disagree with his methods, not referring to you but to the dislikes, but everyone knows hoe much of a visionary this great man was. Imagine PC's without the iMac, imagine cellphones without the iPhone, imagine personal entertainment without the iPod. I can't wait to read his memoir.

Neko6082148d ago

Hell, imagine PCs without the Apple II or original Mac. His influence goes that far back.

miyamoto2148d ago

Whoever thought he was behind Pixar Studios and Toy Story!!!!!

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bangoskank2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

A lot of younger people just don't realize what a pioneer he is. A lot of us older tech geeks grew up with Apple II and watched that evolve into the Mac. This man made a lot of nice memories possible for me. He is also one of the key founders of Pixar, who have created, arguably, the best animated movies in history. I don't get all of the disagrees for people who praise him. Possibly immature MS fanboys?

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AEtherbane2148d ago

A man who changed the world. RIP