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If there’s one thing we expect from an Uncharted game, it’s that it’ll be cinematic. In these times of cut-scenes, voiceovers, quick time events and companion AI, ‘cinematic’ is a word thrown around so often that it has lost almost any meaning. Uncharted is different, though. ‘Cinematic’ in Uncharted does mean something, and it means something good.

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Dante1122419d ago

I can't wait to play UC3. I've been researching a little about Marlowe, Francis, Alantis and WOW, (Spy, Shakespeare theory, Francis Drake was involved in some things with Marlowe supposedly) it's really looking great for the plot in this game.

disturbing_flame2419d ago

Adventure, madness. Here i come.

younglj012418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Any1 else not getting tha Streak medal?

Im not getting all of tha medals that I was getting when I first started playing...I have 110 strike 3 medals but only 2 streak medals?

Bathyj2418d ago

Since when do we call him Nate?

And Sully's no fool, you fool.

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