A...Commercial? Son of a #####

"This is what it's come to, everyone. Companies are gaining more attention for their commercials by announcing them in advance. You know how a lot of game companies don't just make announcements anymore, they will instead announce that an announcement is coming on a certain date and then leave you hangin'? That's because it inevitably gets more attention than simply dropping the news bomb." -Heath Hindman for Game Revolution

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knifefight2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I feel like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, when he waited and waited for his Secret Society Decoder Pin, and the first message read by the radio announcer was in fact an advertisement for Ovaltine. "A crummy commercial?" the boy realized aloud. "Son of a bitch."

^ Pretty much. It started as announcing announcements, now we're announcing commercials.

Oh, I liked the commercial for sure. I'm a nerd and seeing those characters doing their thing gave me tingles. But the fact remains, Sony hyped hype. Announced the debut of a commercial for an ad campaign that had already begun. That's a little silly.

SantistaUSA2600d ago

Completely agree! It's an awesome video, makes me wanting more!

ReservoirDog3162600d ago

Well, I called it. I don't know why people were getting so excited over it.

I called it.

chriski3332600d ago

good call thumbs up to you good sir

dbjj120882600d ago

Yeah, I can't believe the hype this received and there was absolutely no announcement of anything meaningful. The productiong value was great, I loved seeing Isaac Clarke in there and everything, but this was disappointing to say the least.

LOGICWINS2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

If anything is surprising, its the N4G community's reaction to this. Just last week people were feverishly predicting and awaiting what the special announcement might be and how it would improve PSN.

Now we find out that all the hype was simply a commercial...and people are okay with that?

No new features, no new firmware, no new interface...but your happy because Sony created a commercial that honors gamers...something that they HAVE to do anyways in order to make money.

knifefight2600d ago

It blows my mind.
It's a case of logic clearly not winning, if I may borrow your name.

LOGICWINS2600d ago

Couldn't have put it any better myself.

HeavenlySnipes2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

promised anything, so why would people be mad at Sony that their predictions were wrong?

EDIT: Both of you are saying exactly what I said. You assumed that it was something, yet no one from Sony gave you any reason to. Its just the start of the new ad campaign (possibly without KB), which is something that is clearly big to Sony and you both had different expectations that were without any merit.

LOGICWINS2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

But they hyped it up as something BIG. No way you can tell me that THIS is what you were expecting. If Sony REALLY wanted to show PS3 gamers love, why not give us a firmware thats actually worth a damn.

The last good firmware update was 3.0.

knifefight2600d ago

Because the first ad ended with a date.
A date.
What happens when you tell people to wait for a date? When you make all these game references and end with putting a date up on the screen?

This is simple communication.
You're telling them there's something worth anticipating, coming on that date. Their predictions of what it is are their own responsibility, sure, but YOU are generating the hype.

And it led to a commercial.

If McDonald's put up videos all over the place with all kinds of references to past and current menu items and then said "November 1, 2001" at the end, people would be like "So something big is coming in November, clearly. What's it gonna be?" Then if that announcement was just "Surprise! More commercials!" That would piss people off. That's stupid.

This is precisely why I rarely care about "Big Sega Announcement Coming October 10," or "Namco launches countdown website!" stuff like that. Just hype of hype, commercials for commercials, and it's getting a little bit ridiculous.

gumchewinasskikr2600d ago

No offense but you guys sound like a bunch of spoiled brats and is what is wrong with this generation of gamers. It's always Sony owes me this or MS owes me that. Always seem to be complaining about something or another and never happy with just gaming. You telling me you have don't have enough content, games, features to play with that you need to spend all your time nagging and complaining online like an annoying girlfriend?

Like I said no offense but come on man grow up people.

Bathyj2600d ago

Aww, are you upset that we're not upset?

My god, you're such a child.

LOGICWINS2600d ago

Yes, I'm devastated that random people I don't know aren't upset that a computer entertainment company overhyped an announcement.

You know me so well.

yesmynameissumo2600d ago

What did Sony over-hype? They released a teaser with a date on it. Gaming media and fanboy blogs are what hyped it up.

Bathyj2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I know you enough to know that you will b*tch about almost anything Sony does, even when they dont do anything.

They didnt hype sh*t. They make a small announcement or tweet, or whatever the hell they did, and the internet runs amuck with it.

How is that their fault?

You say overhyped like you were expecting something monumental and now your high hopes have been dashed by the evil corporation, but we all know you have no high hopes or great expectations of them anyway.

So how were you disappointed?

Besides, the teaser was for a new ad campaign.
You can generate a little awareness for an advertising campaign? Then whats the point of ads, if not to let people know about stuff?

If an ad played on the radio and no one heard it, would it still sell a console?

LOGICWINS2600d ago

"I know you enough to know that you will b*tch about almost anything Sony does, even when they dont do anything."

???? Where'd that come from?

Bathyj2600d ago

Ok, I'll retract that. I might have you mixed up with someone else.

I admit when I'm wrong.

You're still being awfully whinny about this non issue though. I thought people wanted Sony to start making good ads again.

Again, sorry, I'll say no more.

LOGICWINS2600d ago

"I thought people wanted Sony to start making good ads again."

An ad is meant to inform people of something. The only way a person could understand the references in that commercial was if they had prior knowledge of these characters.

Sony targeted an ad towards people who don't need ads.

gumchewinasskikr2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )


Really just stop embarrassing yourself bro. People want to complain about Sony not advertising and when they do they complain about the commercial.

Seriously what were you really expecting? A new console? 15 new secret first party exclusive? Sony buying out Nintendo and MS and creating one console to rule them all?

"Sony targeted an ad towards people who don't need ads."

Last time I check there were approx. 50,000,000 Ps3 sold and not one game sold even close to 50,000,000 copies so I would assume your assumption here is clearly wrong. Please use some of your own screen name.

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Treyb3yond2600d ago

People created the "hype"

Can't Sony do anything right in some peoples eye?

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with PSN, I play on it all the time with no problems.

Adva2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Aww the boy is upset. Sony didn't hype shit. Only KB posted on his twitter which automatically connects it to advertisement since that is what he does.
Idiots like yourself made a fantasy world where it was suppose to be a super game announcement or a new firm ware.
Lol another fool joins in 'knifefight'. Hey kid, this teaser was posted by Kevin Butler, the MARKETING GUY FOR ADs. He can't make new game announcements!!!

Pathetic, real pathetic.

knifefight2600d ago

Study marketing and then get back to me. This is kind of a dick move ;)
I knew not to expect anything and even wrote a different article telling people to not expect anything huge.
That doesn't change the fact that this was all hype of hype, a commercial for a commercial. XD

gumchewinasskikr2600d ago

So you knew this wasn't anything huge, even wrote an article telling people to not expect anything huge, and when it turns out to be nothing huge, you come here and bitch about it not being anything huge...

WOW and you don't see how retarded your rants are?

Silly gameAr2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

You sure comment a lot for someone that clearly despises N4G, and it's usually to moan about something.

The community may have been anticipating whatever the announcement was, but I'm pretty sure it was the gaming sites that were hyping the reveal, like your first link shows. The headline says it all.

And, my comment magically moved somehow. That's interesting.

Motorola2600d ago

I thought it was cool and I forgot about the PSN announcement thing. I don't care, this commercial still is awesome. People just hyped it up...

Jsynn72599d ago

Typical logicfails, trolling on a PS3 thread. If you're so mad about this, why didn't just ignore this and rage silently to yourself? So what? It's a new ad campaign. It was very well done and it connected with a lot of people. I don't understand why you have such an issue with it and people being cool with it, but I guess since it's PS3 related, you had to get in your hatefulness somwhere right? Sad really.

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OllieBoy2600d ago

Don't know why people were expecting some big announcement. That's what E3, TGS, and Gamescom are for.

This ad was more interesting than most of the announcements at E3 anyway.

TheClown2600d ago

You mean people thought this WASN'T going to be a commercial? If Sony was going to announce something then they would've made an announcement that they were going to announce something.

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