343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor: “3D Will Always Be Like 5.1”

X360A writes: Speaking to 343 Industries' Halo Franchise Director, Frank O' Connor, X360A found out a few morsels about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's 3D support and remastered soundtrack, and what O'Connor thinks of 3D, comparing it to 5.1 surround sound as an optional extra. First, he told us about how well the 3D works in Anniversary.

"It's a bonus of how we render, because there's actually two engines running simultaneously. It's one of the things the buffer lets us do, is really good 3D without any performance hit. If this had cost us anything in terms of performance, we wouldn't have spent any time trying to make it work, because the number of people with 3D TVs is still vanishingly small... but this has kind of changed my mind," O'Connor explained. "Most of the TVs that are being made now support 3D in some way, so you'll just have it. But 3D will always be like 5.1 where it will be an added value rather than a necessary aspect."

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DevilsJoker2505d ago

I agree, it's a great option to have.

Jobesy2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Yes, but I wouldn't compare it to 5.1, imo 5.1 is very necessary to games/movies nowadays.

Kurt Russell2505d ago

5.1 is great to have, but not necessary, I have moved back to stereo for a short amp blowing time and am finding it fine... not as good, but not bad either.

Also I am a competitive player, and am aware of the foot step issues but like I say... it's fine, you still hear them - no longer from behind you, but when you hear footsteps and can't see anyone in front of you, you tend to put 2 and 2 together.

gamingdroid2505d ago

Yup, I never mind options, but I agree with the notion that 3D is likely to stay optional just like 5.1.

Redempteur2505d ago

And ?
Who is gaming seriously these days without a 5.1 setup or a 7.1 headset ?

GoldenPheasant2505d ago

*facepalm* if you don't have anything good to say, STFU.

Comparing playing with 5.1 audio to ...lets say your TVs!

Now some clown is gonna come on and say "bu bu buh, my <input TV name here> has awesome stock sound!"

Get out of the room you "rent" from your parents, get a good setup, and then talk.

creatchee2505d ago

You have to have a good sound setup to be a gamer? Or be old enough and financially secure enough to live alone?

News to me.

ZombieAssassin2505d ago

5.1? I thought 7.1 was the luxury one now.

LightofDarkness2505d ago

It's not about how much of a luxury it is, he's pointing out that the technology will never be essential to the experience and thus will never have any great mainstream penetration. It's an enthusiast product.

5.1 has been around for years and I only know 2 people who have it. I'm the only person I know with 3D. I don't see that changing for quite some time.

dredgewalker2505d ago

I think 7.1 is just overkill. Playing horror games in 5.1 audio and even with shooters greatly enhances my gaming experience. I don't think I'll ever upgrade to 7.1 since I'm completely satisfied with 5.1 and that I'm quite attached to my avr that's now hooked up with a 3D plasma.