Metro: Crysis (Xbox 360) review - PC owners may cry ‎

The most infamously demanding PC game of all time makes an unexpected appearance on consoles, but what's been lost in the translation?

German developer Crytek must be so upset they missed the '90s and the golden era of PC gaming. It's clear they'd loved to be thought of as a European equivalent of id Software in their heyday, creating their games only for the state-of-the-art in graphics technology and happily ignoring anyone that can't keep up.

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PCRockStar2543d ago

Great to see that the game has come to the consoles and in good fashion. Good work!

maniactadpole2543d ago

I played the PC version (vanilla version on very high) and i must say that Crysis on PS3 (or 360) looks extremely good. I downloaded the PS3 version yesterday and i was literally amazed at how Crytek managed to port this beast of a game.Very impressive achievement indeed :)

qwertyz2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

they look very good but pc verison running medium with some AA,AF at 1080p still looks better but I still prefer the controls of the console version so I play the game on consoles now and not pc

the console game is easily one of the best looking if noty the best looking console game anyone that denies this is a delusional fanboy

M1chl2543d ago

^This^ I was totaly blown away how good it looks and how smooth its runs...

LightofDarkness2543d ago

No tears here, guy. Played the game in '08. Loved it. Now maybe all the console fanboys will stop saying it was "just graphics" and was a terrible game (HINT: it wasn't).

Jobesy2543d ago

Funny how things change isn't it?

JsonHenry2543d ago

Looks very good for a console game, and it was already a great game to start with. Crytek should be proud.

Bolts2543d ago

This is a very impressive port. It doesn't have Crysis's PC textures that can bring machines back in the days to their knees, but it's good enough to run on the consoles without looking like total crap.

That alone is an achievement.

BabyTownFrolics2543d ago

how big is the game on the ps3 and 360?

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