Crysis 1 Xbox 360 Gameplay Footage Hands-On

Electronic Arts Inc. and award-winning developer Crytek GmbH, announced today that the critically-acclaimed, single-player campaign from the PC hit Crysis is now available for purchase on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Games on Demand for $19.99 SRP or 1600 Microsoft Points. Gamers can now play with improved Nanosuit gamepad controls and fine-tuned combat as they take full advantage of CryENGINE 3’s visual optimizations in this thrilling downloadable version of Crysis for consoles, which also has full stereoscopic 3D support.

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SantistaUSA2478d ago

Not bad! looks good, wished I could demoed tho, I already have for PC and no reason to buy it for console.

Perjoss2478d ago

You know what, f it, I'm a huge Crysis / Crytek fan and even though I got it on PC on launch day I'm gonna buy this right now and play it on my TV. They even gave it 1000 achievements, I think it has trophies for PS3 too, very nice job guys!

SantistaUSA2478d ago

Well I do like achievements and/or trophies, but I already have my computer hooked up to my 55' LEDTV. $20 is too much for a game that I already own and that I know it will not look better than PC.

spicelicka2478d ago

plus you can play it with the 360 controller on the PC too

Eyesoftheraven2478d ago

This game could run on Nintendo 64 if Crytek wanted it to. Don't you remember the jungle level in Goldeneye? Anyways, here is the latest and greatest video showing the differences between console and PC's Very High and low settings.

Tyre2477d ago

Yeah we can all make farts in the wind too, it even has Parallax Occlusion in it, get it?