4 Gigs of Ram Running an 8-bit Game

"Imagine that you’re playing a game where all of the graphics are rendered in 8-bit sprites. The backgrounds are either totally unmoving or nervously wavering between two frames, bullets are moving slowly enough to qualify for disability benefits, you’re only tenuously agreeing with the game’s assertion that one particular mass of pixels represents a human male, and the part of “The Explosion” is being played by an orange sphere, due to actual explosions having too much dignity to take part in this production.
Chances are, you’re either playing:

-A game from the 1980s, that originally ran on hardware so simple that it was occasionally found as natural formations in silicon-rich environments, or
-A modern game, running on a computer capable of beating up the older one, taking its money, and running off with its girlfriend in the space of two seconds, all while planning the economic future of several small Eastern-European countries and pirating the latest Lady Gaga album."

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