Top 10 Battlefield 3 BETA Glitches

The Battlefield 3 Open BETA started on the 29th of September or 27th for the people who own the Tier 1 copies of Medal Of Honor. Battlefield 3 has been receiving mixed impressions by the public who claim the game doesn’t deliver to all the hype while others like yours truly absolutely love the game. The BETA is full of bugs and glitches like any other we know, it’s for testing after all but some of the glitches are funny as hell! Check out the list after the break for the Top 10 Battlefield 3 BETA Glitches.

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PCRockStar2389d ago

Top Ten Glitches? That is all we have to write about?

Dart892389d ago

I know why not do a top 10 ways to help your team or something along those lines.

SH0CKW4VE2389d ago

@ Dart89

You havent played much Battlefield......

You can make all the articles you like it doesnt stop your team from being special.

For all the BF fanboys that bang on about teamwork you can ONLY have a squad of 4 out of 32......and 90% of the time the rest of your team is absolutely useless and wont even throw a health pack or ammo pack.

At least in COD i can get a group of 8 friends in and we can take up positions and co ordinate on the map, as far as BF goes the whole "teamwork" thing is a useless fanboy myth used to demonise COD and promote battlefield when random BF players are jsut about as retarded as random COD players.

Elwenil2389d ago

Never played BF2, did ya?

armorki2389d ago

Lol glitch in beta are better than glitch in full game :D

yarbie10002389d ago

How could this not make the top 10

Getowned2389d ago

lmao that guy is painfull to watch all the time im like uggh -____- just shoot the guy.

Jafooli2389d ago

Thought I knew exactly what I was clicking on. Turns out this list is funny as hell.

Watch the land shark, the eyes, the flipper and jesus walks.

floetry1012389d ago

The Eyes was just terrifyingly hilarious.

EazyC2389d ago

The Recon character... I forget it it's the US or the Russian one.... It looks like it's a zombie.

Those eyes!

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The story is too old to be commented.