Epic talks Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack and Achievements

XMNR: Epic Games announced the first DLC pack for Gears of War 3 called the Horde Command Pack. Many questions popped up not long after the announcement and Rod Fergusson took to the air to answer some of the questions and details the five new Achievements.

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SantistaUSA2477d ago

Just purchased the "season pass" now I'm good to go :)

gamingdroid2477d ago

Debating it, but at this play rate for me it looks like I will have to buy it too.

SantistaUSA2477d ago

well I've been playing a lot, just can't put the game down, so at least with season pass I will save some money in the long run :)

m232477d ago

Do you just buy the season pass off the marketplace? Do the weapon skins just automatically come into the game then?

jetlian2477d ago

anyone understand the last achievement? all five people need o be onyx guard?

Queasy2477d ago

Yep. All 5 players have to be using the Onyx Guard skin.

montyburns0002477d ago

gears is the game i play the most but i wont be getting this DLC until epic adds these three new maps to the quickmatch/ranked playlist. because on nov.1 when this thing drops the only way to play these new maps is in Horde, Beast and Private games.

i suggest everyone head over to the epic forums and pressure them to add these maps ASAP. then and only then will i be buying the season pass.

jetlian2476d ago

most the changes are for horde and beast! and only host needs them to play

gamingdroid2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Well, Epic said the maps will eventually be made available on the quickmatch/ranked playlist.