Gustavo The Man That Killed Mexico

GamerFitNation's Greagory Laporte writes about why Gustavo from Breaking Bad is the Ultimate Video Game villain. "Recently I've been watching this show called Breaking Bad on AMC, maybe you've seen it. Now this prompted me to write this editorial on the main villain of the show. When you think of an evil villain, he has to be sinister, ruthless, conniving and brutal. Now the villain I think that would make the ultimate video game bad guy is Gustavo from Breaking Bad and here's why."

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xtheownerzx2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

This guy is a ruthless criminal and knows no holds bar. Perfect Villain!

@LOGICWINS His spider sense tingling LOL!

LOGICWINS2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Excellent show. Excellent characters. Btw, is it me, or was Gus "too smart" towards the end when he foiled Jesse and Walt's plan? Is it really possible for a person to think of every possible outcome to THAT extent?

EDIT: LOL, dude def has some sort of sixth sense!

CrzyFooL2539d ago

Gus is always watching. OMG SEASON FINALE THIS SUNDAY.


Spoiler Alert: The guy said " I will kill your infant Daughter." tell me that's not cold Blooded

Autodidactdystopia2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

A logicwins

so heres what happened.

Gus poisoned the little boy as a preemptive strike against Walt. so that Jessie would want to kill Walt, so the conversation between Gustavo and Jessie in the hospital church was Gustavo feeling out Jessie to see if he wanted to kill Walt yet. But knowing that Jessie would then know that Gustavo did it if it wasn't Walt, Gustavo played the concern card as a last ditch attempt to make Jessie think Walt poisoned him and to make him think that Walt did it. even though he already knew Gustavo did it.

after all of that Gustavo thought to himself "hmm well if they know whats stopping them from killing me with this unattended car. so he plays it safe and leaves the car there just in case until he knows for sure Jessie took the bait and kills Walt. otherwise they both may be conspiring to kill him.

Solid_Snake-2539d ago

it was weird that he knew the car may of been tampered but he has that thing about him. remember when walt went to assassinate him at his house and he rang him and told him to go home.

that guys has crazy head games.

BLACKBIBLE2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

@Autodidactdystopia @Solid_Snake WTH?! why are you spoiling?! you do realize that some people may not have watch the episode yet. I did but others may not have.

Autodidactdystopia2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )


Oops sorry didn't even think of that.

My description is kinda shabby so most wont take anything from it ... hopefully

I also cant edit and erase it otherwise I would

MeatAbstract2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )


My theory for the next episode is it'll carry on from where the last one ended. I think Gus walked away and will come back...with Jesse. Walt will watch in horror as they all climb into the car and Walt debates that, right now, all his problems could be gone in click of a button.

I also think the kid was poisoned by accident. I think Gus had no role in that and Jess will blame himself, therefore trys to mouth to Walt to BLOW UP THE CAR.

My friend and I debate this show every Tuesday in work (we watch it Monday here in the UK) and he reckons Gus will die at the end of this season, whereas I think there is still a lot unexplained about him.

Hank will also discover the lab next episode.

Jacks_Medulla2539d ago

There are a lot of theories, around the Breaking Bad forums that, Walt poisoned Brock. 1. It is a bit of a stretch that Gus would know about the Ricin. 2. Walt is desperate to get Jesse back on his side. 3. This also explains why Gus wouldn't get in the car. Once he found out that Brock was poisoned, he realized that Walt was making a play.
Again, this is just a theory, but we have all been waiting for Heisenberg to return.

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All I have to say is this...Gus killed Mexico!

Spoiler Alert: You know how you know he killed Mexico? because after killing Mexico he called them out and only 1 mexicain came after him & died instantly.

MorningStar2539d ago

Hey I know how much you guys love the show but I have some bad news and its KINDA a spoiler alert... the show finishes next season. Sad I know! I think it could at least go on till season 7 but hey every show has to die one day.

I do think hes a great villain however I don't hate him I think he is played very well. Hes evil but hes smart about it.

MeatAbstract2539d ago

I think the show going one more season is for the best. Gilligans view is he'd rather go out on a high then drag out like when he worked on The X-Files.

Season 5 is going to be 16 episodes though but we'll see if the quality can remain like it has these past 4 seasons. And some fans are already complaining about that.

caboose322539d ago

No, it's not actually. AMC announced that there will be a renewal of the series and the 5th season will be the last.

fredolopez2539d ago

i gotta check out this show, i keep hearing it's good!!

cl19832539d ago

I'm thinking how this ends is that Walt, and Jesse end up in a mexican stand off with Gustavo Jesse shots Gustavo Gustavo shots Jesse, and Walt falls due to his cancer coming back, but only after Hank busts him for being Heisenberg.