Rockstar Still Not Ruling Out Red Dead Redemption PC

In its latest ‘Asked & Answered’ column, Rockstar has responded to fan pleas for a PC version of Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, while the company refrained from ruling out the possibility, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen anytime soon.

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MultiConsoleGamer2478d ago

They're just waiting until the milk ever last sale from the console versions.

badz1492478d ago

it will happen one way or another. just the matter of when

marioPSUC2478d ago

I definitely buy the game on PC even though I've already beaten and played it a ton, just to wait for people to make amazing mods like they've done for GTA IV on PC

x8002478d ago

pff still got it on ps3 and its so boring.
who cares!

pr0digyZA2478d ago

I already have it, but if they release it with the expansion and all addons then it would be a great buy again, especially with the mods that would come out.

aawells072478d ago

That would be a day one fo sho even tho ive played it to death its a beautiful game was done so well.

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