CakeAndGames: Child of Eden Triple Review

Child of Eden is a...........………well……........h mm…..It's an on rails space internet adventure shooter. Where the internet was modeled after the first human born in space. And that internet is in trouble, and trapped so you have to save the internet space child, that is really the internet. It's really a different type of game. Thats hard to explain in a few sentences. So read more to find out.

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Kran2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

A very weird review from a very weird website. At first i thought the site was spam.... but it aint :/

CakedOne2541d ago

hey you've got a cake avatar! i like cake

TheReal442541d ago

i saw you site it's not much better! Just another wordpress blog. And what kind of name is Nate360 when you do multiplat games. Everyone will think you are a 360 site :/ nice name choice. Also judging by your site, your a 360 fanboy mad that this site gave Child of Eden a 4 out of 10

Kran2541d ago

Wait what? So because I just said it was a weird review from a weird site, that SUDDENLY makes me a 360 fanboy?

I own a 360, PS3 and a Gaming PC and play them all as much as each other, so first of all get your facts straight.

I work for Nave360, not Nate360. We were a 360 site but we turned Multiplatform. If SFX-360 can do it with 360 in their name, so can we so have a go at them first.

Al802541d ago

Anyone who can give Child of Eden 4/10 isn't a gamer

CakedOne2541d ago

have you tried it with the broken move controls yet?

Venox20082540d ago

so if it has (I don't know that) broken controls with move.. you have to give to a game 4/10? MOVE IS OPTIONAL.. other thing, game is great, gameplay is great, music is great, art style is great and with passion.. so still they have to give a game 4/10?!?

kikizoo2540d ago

The "broken move control"

has 8 to ten on others websites, are broken.

chad22hkd2540d ago

@kikizoo if you read the review you would understand what he is saying. Maybe you should read the review instead of the review score. Anyways there are 3 reviews there, not just one. Also IGN gave this game a 6.5 on ps3. Other review sites as well have given some low score too. I have played the game, it doesn't work that well with the move. Also people are allowed to have opinions. But guessing by your one bubble you are just looking for a place to troll, to say a person is broken is childish and stupid.

chad22hkd2541d ago

Eden is short and boring! Beside the visuals i think it sucks too!!!! and the controls can be very frustrating

Psychonaughty2540d ago

Hated this game tbh, much preferred Rez. Please can I have my money back?!

CakedOne2540d ago

Yeah rez was great, this was just a bad game, with horrible move controls