Insomniac Games comment on possible co-op DLC for Resistance 3

Insomniac Games’ Marcus Smith made an interesting comment regarding whether or not Resistance 3 will be getting DLC based on co-op in the future.

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farhsa20082476d ago

I love R3 but I would love it even more for a coop mode

WildArmed2476d ago

That would be awesome. I loved R2's Co-op mode.
If they did an update w/ such a co-op mode, it would be awesome.
I spent a good amount of hours playing 8-player co-op in R2.

Szarky2476d ago

I really liked it a lot as well except for the REALLY dumb AI (the really big guys). They would just stand there and take a beating, it got boring just killing a motionless standing enemy.

Seems like Insomniac had a bit more trouble with the 2 player co-op in R3, on hard the enemy was pretty dumb sometimes.

WildArmed2476d ago

Ah, yes I remember that.

But once they implemented Superhuman mode, it was well worth playing again.
I spent a good amount of hours playing Superhuman mode. The normal mode is waaay too easy if you are maxed out on the class.

HeavenlySnipes2476d ago

I think there may be a horde type mode. James made a hint that we would be able to use the hammer soon, and that Resistance fans love coop. Maybe we'll get a survival mode vs grims, coop. :O

r212476d ago

i would like that alot! the game was full of possible settings for a horde mode :D

Ares902476d ago

make matchmaking for co op please!