Xbox Live Due A Whole Host Of 3rd Party Features

GIR Bring you the new features you can expect from Xbox Live across the world in the coming months

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user8586212481d ago

Xbox truly becoming a media center

gamingdroid2481d ago

Ironically, without blu-ray... It seems only a few years ago when that seemed like a must.

blumatt2481d ago

I still think it would benefit MS to include a bluray drive in the next gen Xbox. While it's not a MUST, it would certainly be nice.

It's still good to see more features added though.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Well now you have a service like Netflix that can stream movies in HD. A lot of those movies you're not going to find on Blu-ray. I just watched Hudson Hawk in HD through Netflix and I was wondering if there was a Blu-ray version but I couldn't find one. A few years ago Netflix didn't have as many HD movies to be streamed as they do now.

gamingdroid2481d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming Blu-Ray is useless. It does have better quality than streaming albeit that could change in the future or might not even be necessary, but it also provides massive storage that would benefit next generation games.

It's just ironic that the main use of Blu-Ray are for movies, but it's need is increasingly being irrelevant for movies.

Gray-Fox-Type02481d ago

while ps3 dont get no features for years now lol

ForROME2481d ago

Xbox Live the true superior network that keeps on going

HeavenlySnipes2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

XBLG to use these?

EDIT: Legit question btw
EDIT 2: So I guess that all this isn't that great after all. Especially since the PS3 has Hulu, iLovefilm, NFL season ticket, that NHL thing etc.. for free...

blumatt2481d ago

Well of course. lol You wouldn't expect to get things for free now would you? *winks

BlmThug2481d ago

its worth it considering you can get it for very cheap (sometimes for £25 which is way less than a new game)

mcgrottys2481d ago

only if the thing you are looking at has an * at the end on this list.

Funky Town_TX2481d ago

As a multi-console owner I can say that xbox live is the best. That is my opinion and not a fact.

gotgame19852481d ago

why do every bod complain about paying 60 a year for a better online experience with xbox live do you realize that the change you have in
your pocket at the en of the day in a years time adds up to about 5 times that. 60 bucks is not bad atleast u don't have to worry about your account being hacked.