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Submitted by MK_Red 3000d ago | review

Perfect 10/10 for Mass Effect from GameDaily

Mass Effect for Xbox 360 impresses on every level and stands out as one of 2007's best games – if not the best. This deep and emotional role-playing game plunges you into a universe wrought with turmoil and forces you to make decisions that'll shape numerous lives. What you choose, and your resulting actions, will either save mankind, or annihilate it. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 10/10

Meus Renaissance  +   3000d ago
A few weeks ago I dismissed this game but I knew little about it. Having watched the video reviews, I have to say it looks exceptional. A definate must buy although I would rate it as a strong 9.5 because the game does have its issues, although they don't take much away from the actual gameplay. The story sounds intriguing and the character interaction is top notch. I don't own a 360 anymore but this is probably a game I wish was on the PlayStation 3.
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celticlonewolf  +   3000d ago
Well done sir
Not many people post honest non fanboy stuff but that was a good post. This game along with 3-4 others was the reason for getting a 360. I have so many games I want for both systems now its not funny I think I will be set all the way into feb-march of next year lol.
mesh1  +   3000d ago
can some 1 tell me how to approve articles haha;p as i clicking the green tick bu tnot sure if i have approved articles ?
jazzmanb  +   3000d ago
everyone needs a 360 to play mass effect,bioshock,too human and halo3

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