‘Forza Motorsport 4′ Demo Preview Impressions [Game Rant]

Brian Dyce of Game Rant writes: "The Xbox Live demo of ‘Forza 4′ is now available for gold subscribers. Check out our preview to see if we think the game can compete with other racing franchises that have put pedal to the metal in Forza’s absence."

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Dante1122509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I kinda enjoyed the demo somewhat, had some good runs...but even after I turned every assist feature off, the driving still feels somewhat like I'm drifting especially when I hit a wide turn while breaking ("why is my car turning so hard sideways", think GRID). I'll just continue to tweak it as best as I can though. The customizations in F4 will have will make up for it and the maps look pretty damn good so, ++.

2509d ago
ForROME2509d ago

Solid Demo, I liked it.

showtimefolks2509d ago

we get forza 4 along with a free update for gt5 along with some dlc coming for gt5

enjoy both games. Gt5 has been amazing and now i can't wait for forza 4 don't want to play the demo i know what i am getting into lol

here goes hrs of my life on tracks lol

Daz2509d ago

lol agree gt5 big update and forza 4 coming out :(

mcstorm2509d ago

Played the demo and its impressive looks and playing wise. Even though the 360s power is not as high as the ps3 i dont think you can tell from the detail in the game turn10 hve done an amazing job with fm4. Looks like racing games are starting to get back into the console gaming market again with gt5 fm4 f12011 dirt 3 all looking amazing and selling well. Makes a nice change from fps games this gen.

Farsendor12509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

played the demo at a friends house its way better than need for speed shift 2

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