Pirates of Black Cove (PC) Review - writes, "Say “ahoy” to Pirates of Black Cove. The pirate-themed PC strategy game is published by Paradox and developed by Nitro Games.

First off, the game is really pretty. If you have a decent PC, you’ll definitely want to pump up the resolution and details. The water effects are particularly well-done. The visual style is reminiscent of a highly detailed Monkey Island game, in that it’s cartoonish enough, but not overly so. The characters you’ll meet and control have slightly exaggerated caricatures and features.

The game’s tone is more on the light and whimsical side of piracy (Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island, again) and less on the darker and more serious side of history book pirates.

Pirates of Black Cove is split off into two different modes of gameplay: water and land-based exploration and action."

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