03 - Pixel! (Arkedo Series) PS3 Review - writes, "The third game in the Arkedo Series, is titled “03 – Pixel!” For this review, it will be referred to as simply Pixel!.

So, far, there has been no rhyme or reason between the the three games in the Arkedo Series.

The first game, Jump! [See 01 - Jump! review here], was a time-based puzzle-platformer where you play a Pitfall! Harry/safari explorer who must collect all of the bombs in a level before they go off, all the while avoiding the baddies – of which a single touch will spell certain doom. It had a retro-modern with a rather gorgeous high-definition pixelated style.

The second game was titled Swap! [See 02 - Swap! review here] and was a really enjoyable block-matching puzzle game with a style that mixed Tetris with Bejeweled.

The third title, titled Pixel!, is most similar to Jump! in that they’re both platformers and they’re both using a unique pixelated art style, but feels a lot like classic Super Mario Bros. "

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RockmanII72507d ago

I liked Pixel more than Jump and Swap

Acquiescence2507d ago

I'll buy this when I'm finished with Shadow Of The Colossus.