Skyrim: Destined for GOTY 2011 Part Two

"Hi again! Before Britney begins on Part II, she would just like to let all of you know that there are only 37 days until Skyrim releases on November 11, 2011. So freshen up your knowledge and skills and prepare for an absolutely rapturous experience!"

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jriquelme_paraguay2507d ago

Didnt played yet... but i have all my trush in this one...

it is like when you buy a Rockstar game...

If only Bethesda can make games with less bugs... but i dont care...

Fallout 3, love it for example...

The whole experience ecplise those errors...

Skyrim and BF3 for me GOTY

killajd2506d ago

Iv seen countless videos for this game and Im dying to actually get to play it. Anyone know if they are going to put out a demo before release??? Britney loved ur input and appreciate ur input and love for gaming and giving everyone ur thoughts on games keep up the great job and GAME ON

Torinir2506d ago

No Elder Scrolls game had a demo. I don't expect Skyrim to be any different in that regard.

Torinir2506d ago

Hopefully Skyrim won't be plagued with problems like RAGE was. Barring that, I would definitely say it'll be a contender for GOTY.

TheClown2506d ago

A buggy, boring, & niche WRPG that's just a mediocre version of Oblivion being GOTY? Maybe on Spike TV as they usually make the worst decisions when it comes to ratings & giving out rewards.

Direzap2506d ago

Dude if you have a problem with the game then dont read the articles and leave idiotic troll comments that no one wants to read. Shut up and go play cod, or whatever mindless drones like you play.