Is The New iPhone 4S An Effective Hand-Held Gaming Device?

SegmentNext - "Though it’s highly doubtful that iPhone 4S has a revolutionary gaming impact when it comes to dedicated gaming, it is quite possible that such powerful gadgets are a definite way of increasing people’s exposure to video games.".

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zeal0us2512d ago

What does it matter, journalist and the media will make it out like it is without doing some research. See one video of Infinity Blade 2 and "watchout nintendo&sony theres a new player in town."

Kran2511d ago

Well considering its just an iPhone 4 with a minor upgrade and an S at the end of its name, just look at how iPhone 4 worked for gaming.

TBONEJF2507d ago

If u want a real gaming phone device buy the Xperia Play.