Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi FAQ by Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai Games has released a list of anwsers to common questions fans have asked including how many characters and stages there will be.

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zeal0us2479d ago

I wish they bring back some of those fictional fusions like Tiamcha(however its spelled).

OzzieArcane2479d ago

I wish they'd bring back the roster being not smaller then every previous game in the series.

Kran2478d ago

"Is it just like every other DBZ game?"


Honestly, I LOVE DBZ. But its just the same every game with just a minor graphics tune up and 1 or 2 added characters.

sirdrake2478d ago

Actually it's not. It has a huge overhall is graphics, new engine for environments, entirely new gameplay, so no its NOT like every other DBZ game.

brodychet2478d ago

Actually almost every game is different. The way it plays, the way it looks, and the number of characters. Spike's infamous for that.

RockmanII72478d ago

Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had 161 characters. This is barely 25% which is just sad and I'm not saying 41 characters is bad, but when you count Vegeta and Majin Vegeta as two separate characters then its bad.

Deadpool6162478d ago

Yep. You got that right.

The games may look better graphically, but the character count dwindles with each iteration.

All people wanted was everything that Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had, but with a graphical upgrade, free space to move, realtime destructible environments, a character creator, online modes and a multiplayer mode.

Yep...that would've done it for me.

sirdrake2478d ago

Read the article, it says that FAQ is listen on the Bandai site, check out the site, its NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Some guy made it up, and the 41 characters listed are only characters from the sagas we have seen, and the gameplay we have seen. You are telling me Movie 12 with Janemba is the ONLY one that is included? Its a BS list. And remember how like a week ago they had 50 character slots on the "demo" game, 41 plus 3 Hero Mode characters =44, where are the other 6 "so called" characters?

ssj42478d ago

also remember in the demo not only were there 50 slots but its just the demo there could be more thn 50 slots cuz u nvr get as much in the demo as u do in the full version nw i nvr played the demo but ive seen all the FACTS n tht is there will be more thn 41 n 44 MABY more thn 50 just keeps the hopes up but not too high cuz u nvr kw they might only have just 50 characters which still would kinda suck if u ask me id wish tht they would have at least 60 if not more but what can u exspect just hope there will be a ultimate tenkaichi2 n have a little more characters like rageing blast 2 had more thn the first rageing blast if they make any more dragon ball games i hope they do 50 characters is still BS............... good thing they have ssj4 at least ;D n omega shenron but......... still what about some other characters like super jambeda or how ev u spell it i mean wtf but its still gonna be pretty awsome either way so id guess this list is bs as well so hope there more thn 50 as well cuz yeah itd be cool for 60 characters but prolly wont have tht much

BitbyDeath2478d ago

Half the names are also spelt wrong, Barta, Ten shin han etc etc