DICE to whitelist official servers on the PC

GB : DICE will whitelist all the official servers on the PC, according to EA. If you are playing on an un-official server, be warned, as you could be banned.

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Grip2475d ago

Remove the Stupid Tactical Flash light.

Pandamobile2475d ago

"and while that means no BF3 for people with a DX 9 card, it also pushes the graphical ceiling on the PC."

Bout damn time it was left behind for good. I don't know a single person still running a DX9 GPU, and even if they were it wouldn't be able to play BF3 anyway, even if it had DX9 support.

Guess that just leaves people still stuck on Windows XP with a DX10 or 11 card.

Organization XII2475d ago

You make sense yet N4G disagrees with you. The IRONY

Pandamobile2475d ago

Welcome to M4G, where right is wrong and up is down

MiamiACR692474d ago

Be careful Panda, word around these parts is that the majority of users are still rocking the ol' DX9, tubebox and beanbag.