MW3 – No Deep Penetration On SMGs – More on Explosives, Pointstreaks, and Anti-Cheat System

With the release of Modern Warfare 3 about a month away, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling reveals some interesting information about the game.

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Nitrowolf22451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

If only there was an anti cheat system on console versions.

Mister_V2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

What's extra crappy is that consoles can't really choose their games. PC players can at least choose a server, and if they get into one that's hacked, they can always leave and choose another. Console players could leave a hacked game only to be put back in the same one.

TopDudeMan2451d ago

That's happened to me before. Totally sucks.

JokesOnYou2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I play BOps almost everyday on console, with no problems from hacks at all.

Soldierone2451d ago

I quit playing PC because all people like doing is either making closed Clan servers or hacked servers, and the ones not hacked are easily hacked. I rather not go through that trouble on consoles.

I'm not being anti-PC guy here, Its my opinion on why I don't want server lists on consoles. It makes the "ranked" area less active and in return less fun to ME.

Veni Vidi Vici2451d ago

You couldn't choose your server in MW2 on the PC. If you were put in a server with cheaters, the only option was to log out and try again, which in most cases, would just put you right back in the same game.

All I can say is, the anti-cheat better be different from MW2 because that game was a complete and utter joke. EVERY game had a cheater in it. No one even cared if they were caught because nothing would happen to least that's how it was on the PC. They screwed the PC community royally with that game.

Mister_V2451d ago

Yeah, I don't think Black Ops would be hacked all that much right now. And I never tried MW2 on the PC so I wouldn't really know, but that does suck.

Iroquois_Pliskin2451d ago

deep penetration.... too easy lol

Autodidactdystopia2451d ago

Good cause i don't feel like being deeply penetrated by an SMG

@PLiskin lol too easy

JaredH2451d ago

For people who don't believe this when the next game comes out in the series from the same developer they give up on support or security for the game before it. Play COD4 of 360 if you want to see the hacked servers or wait a couple months after November and play MW2.

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Criminal2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Right now COD4 is completely unplayable on 360 and WaW is hacked on PS3. It's really frustrating.

Szarky2451d ago

Like shooting through walls sort of stuff or what?

kennyboy2451d ago

seeing through walls, knowing people are behind you or where ever they are without you ever having to move gun or anytime you ads or cock a grenade or use any weapon its auto aimed for you where an enemy or multiple enemies are without you needing uav, radar, motion sensor, blackbird, heartbeat sensor, or someone firing their gun even if they are wearing ghost or cold blooded, thats called aimbot, wallhack, esp, etc.

bunfighterii2451d ago

Modwar 2 on ps3 still goes fine.

JaredH2451d ago


That's cause Modern Warfare 3 never came out yet so Infinity Ward is still supporting it in a small way.

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Intresting. November cant come soon enough. :)

Septic2450d ago

Yo, how old are you? I just wanna know.

OT- FMJ wasn't a big deal for me. I only used it on my Intervention because I didn't really use anything else.

Simco8762451d ago

Shaping up to be a good game

Criminal2451d ago

They are addressing many issues, so hopefully it'll be much more balanced than MW2. That game, in my opinion, had a lot of problems.

xX_Altair_Xx2451d ago

I found FMJ to be useless anyway.

Criminal2451d ago

Snipers were notorious for using it, though. I do use "Hardened" in Black Ops from time to time.

kennyboy2451d ago

it can dramatically increase weapon power and its incredibly effective when you have a silencer on your gun

xX_Altair_Xx2451d ago

FMJ only increases penetration through surfaces like walls; it doesn't increase actual damage despite what the bars say.

bunfighterii2451d ago

I think it's awesome, I have it on my assault and smg class. It's good for shooting at guys behind cover

Mister_V2451d ago

Little sad they're not bringing back dual mags. Loved that stuff in Black Ops.

Highlife2451d ago

There is nothing worse than being defenseless while you are reloading. Sleight of hand and dual mag was the cure for that.

NeloAnjelo2450d ago

Every soldier is defenceless when reloading. Too many perks have ruined this franchise.

Highlife2450d ago

I agree but if it is there you have to use it to your advantage. You do know that there are rooms for you to play without perks so your comment is somewhat moot

NeloAnjelo2449d ago

They should be Perk rooms, and not the other way about. Give me a gun, a clip and my skill aganist other players with the same equiptment. I like different classes, different skills and weapons. I dont like "powers" as that's what it seems COD is now. Super soldiers with death streak perks.

hotskys2451d ago

“only Support Strike Package (pointstreak rewards that don’t get you kills, provide team support) don’t reset.”

I'm pretty sure remote turrets, stealth bombers and recon juggernauts get you kills, and they're in the support strike package.

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