Microsoft Modifies Details of Free Halo 3 Promotion

Via Ripten:

"It appears that Microsoft has 'updated' the details to the promotion which originally stated that those who bought an Xbox 360 between November 21st and December 21st would receive a free copy of Halo 3."

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Nostradavis3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

link is fixed..

techie3472d ago

Why does that link work, but the link in the news post doesnt? They should be the very same link...

cr33ping_death3472d ago

damn that is just sad....... and people say SONY uses smoke and mirrors.

mgbass133472d ago

Wow, F'd in the A by MS...who'd of thunk it? Oh wait...

DJ3472d ago

You need an Active $50 Annual Subscription on the original qualify for the promotion? I guess that's just going to be fine print so that thousands of people buy the system assuming that they qualify for this "Free Offer", when in fact they don't.

kspraydad3472d ago

this was already in the original thread 2 days ago.

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