Xbox 720: Why do we keep calling it this?

GameZone's Lance Liebl doesn't understand why everyone calls the eventual future Microsoft console the Xbox 720. He vents about the matter.

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hiredhelp2542d ago

Yep someone started this name its never goteen called anything but.
I never liked it sounded like i was on BMX off a dirt ramp.

Anyother ideas people?

lance422542d ago

There's just no creativity with people. 720 sounds gross. Dreamcast. Genesis. Those were names!

darthv722542d ago

As for Genesis...that is truly one of the best names and it has a meaning. The genesis was a new beginning for gaming when the 16bit generation arrived. Dreamcast is a good system with a weird name. Like gamecube and turbografx and a few others.

If anything, other than genesis, one of the best names to never be released was the sega phoenix. That was a rumored name for sega to get back into the console biz. Rising from the ashes like its namesake.

Wintersun6162542d ago

Xbox 1080 is even worse than 720. Might as well go with Xbox 2097152.

They should just make a robot out of it that could do your dishes and watch your kids and name it Xbot.


DeadlyFire2542d ago

It will be called Xbox 460 likely. Why? Well reason behind Xbox 2 being called 360 was 100% marketing to say Xbox 2 is not inferior to PS3. They have no reason to name their next console 720 or 1080. As it would refer directly to screen resolution and that is not relevant or necessary. Everyone already will know next consoles are fully 1080 compliant.

Only other likely option is Microsoft called it Xbox + A codename or addition to the name. Xbox Fusion or other oddball name? Could be Xbox 4U for all we know haha.

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Because after 360 the next cool number is 720. Go watch a XGames show u will see what i mean.

iamnsuperman2542d ago

I agree. I call it the next xbox. The brand name xbox would be there but why 720? Xbox 720 doesn't ring well to me

EasilyTheBest2542d ago

The Next Xbox will be called, Xbox Four.
The Four will be refering to some marketing gobbledegook about the Four things it can do.
My bet is on Xbox Four. Oh and Not the number 4.

HaHa_Ostrich2542d ago

It makes no sense. Name the 3rd product with number 4? I would bet on something totaly different, without a number.
Also Id say the next playstation will not be called PS4, although it makes much more sense. I heard the number 4 is considered bad luck in Japan.

xtreampro2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Because for some stupid reason MS called the Xbox 2 the 'Xbox 360' (they still haven't explained what the 360 stands for) so we all just assumed the next console would have an even dumber name like the 'Xbox 720'.

I wouldn't be surprised if they call it the 'Xbox flying Tyrannosaurus Rex'

JBSleek2542d ago

360=A full rotation.

It was named the 360 because it was a complete evolution of the original Xbox.

Hicken2542d ago

But an evolution does not equal a revolution, which is what you were originally referencing.

xtreampro2542d ago

Then why couldn't they just call it Xbox 2? everyone knows that the successor of any console is going to be all around better.

Using Microsofts logic the next Xbox should also be called Xbox 360 since it will be a complete evolution of the current console.

darthv722542d ago

it meant a complete circle of purpose. 360 degrees of gaming and entertainment.

Bathyj2542d ago

Its not called Xbox 2 because M$ was afraid it would sound less powerful than a PS3.

Kind of schoolyard childish if you ask me.

Blogz4Fanboyz2542d ago

like bathyj said.

it was a marketing reason.

dont know about childish though???

No Way2542d ago

Because xBox 2 sounds inferior to the Playstation 3. That's MS's logic.

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BattleTorn2542d ago

360 is the sum of all angles. It's degree is all-encompassing.

Geez, and I just thought that up on the spot!

colonel1792542d ago

I know they didn't name it Xbox 2 because it would look like an "inferior" console to the PS3. Like if the PS3 was newer since it had the 3.

kreate2542d ago

how do u know that? microsoft told u?

HaHa_Ostrich2542d ago

Also, the word THREE (sixty) is important. Its a marketing preemptive move against competition. "Xbox 2" doesnt sound equal or better to "Playstation 3". Your average (uninformed) customer would see only that 3>2. But a "360"? That is very clever branding.

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Starfox8112542d ago

The 360 stood for the fact it was an all round media hub that could do everything in the home, so it provided 360 degrees of accessibility and use. This is why the 720 would make no sense, would it offer 180 more degrees of accessibility? So stupid, currently nextbox or just next xbox makes the most sense, when they actually come up with a new console they will call it something rubbish as they dont want to seem inferior to the 4th iteration of a Sony console (which is why they didnt go with xbox 2 against the ps3)

lance422542d ago

Skip to Xbox 6 then. Makes as much sense as 720 lol.

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2542d ago

"This is why the 720 would make no sense, would it offer 180 more degrees of accessability?" I think you meant 360? lol I dont know why Im pointing this out but just correcting your math

Starfox8112539d ago

HA yes, indeed I did mean that! For shame on my math skills there. Still you cant offer 360 degree coverage twice! Unless its going to be as powerful as two 360s...

xtreampro2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Well if that's the case then the next Xbox should be called Xbox 360 as well, heck even Sony should have just called it the PlayStation 360 lol.

Xbox 2 would have done just fine and no people wouldn't have though it's inferior to the PS3, since the Xbox brand itself is younger than PlayStation so just the name 'Xbox' has a fresh new and hip vibe to it.

Consumers naturally look at the games and features of the successor of a console before the name, since the name as already been established. But If that really is the case of them naming it 360 then Microsoft was probably having an inferiority-complex lol.

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