The Tale of a Hacked Xbox Live Account

Whatthegeek: On September 6th, just after 9 AM, I received an email informing me that my purchase of 1600 Microsoft points had been unsuccessful. This was something of a surprise, as I had not attempted to buy any Microsoft points that day, so I logged into my Xbox Live account to find out what was going on.

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Tired2507d ago

No one lost money over the playstation hack...the world was up in arms about it.

You get what you pay for....apparently.

whatthegeek2507d ago

It's not so much the money (although I DO want my money back)that I'm worried about, it's the personal information the hacker may have had access to while they were in my account - and that's the part MS is unwilling to help with.

suicidalblues2507d ago

Interesting read. I didn't know Xbox Live required a credit card on file, I guess I just never thought that much about it.

s8skanna2507d ago

I am going through the same thing right now. Mine makes this story seem like weak sauce.. Here it goes. Some hacker hit my card for 10,000 MS points, YES I said 10,000 MS points. Meaning $125.00 total. One charge was for 6,000 points and one was for 4,000 points. This completely destroyed my back account being that it was towards the start of the month after most of my bills have hit. I had $120.00 in the bank. The wife and I made are typical morning buys (coffee, smokes etc.)which came out to about 20.00 bucks. But it was 4 charges so we got hit with 4 - $25.00 Over draft fees. Leaving us with $0.00 for about 4 days. My bank was awesome enough to bypass MS "25 days" bullshit and refunded my money to us and also dropped the overdraft fees. MS quickly took the 6000 points from my live account but as of today (approx 1 month later) I still have 4000 points that are not mine on my box. MS told me the same thing about the 25 business days.

This is complete bullshit. What pisses me off most about this is that when I told MS about what happened with the overdraft fees all they said was sorry. I mean I realize I may have been a fool by using my bank card on my account but come on MS, all I get was a sorry?!? Do they realize how much stress the wife and I had during this time? We have a 7 month old baby! WE NEED OUR MONEY!!

I called them a few days ago to find out why I still have 4000 points on my account and the gentlemen told me that the investigation was closed (thanks for letting me know, assholes!) and that they have to re-open the 4000 points. YAY so here I sit waiting for MS to fix my shit while all these amazing games drop (NBA Jam, Crysis 1) and I cant do shit about it but wait for an email telling me that I'm OK to use my account again.

What a cluster f*ck this has been. I read somewhere that I may even get to keep the 4000 points but I doubt it. I feel as if I should keep these points or at least be given something in return for having to deal with all this. Some of you may not feel the same but like I said. The stress of this is much to handle.

I am sooooooo tempted to just spend these points too. While the people I have spoken to at MS have been really nice on the phone. Dodging most of my questions on why this has happened I will not be spending those points. Thought I would share this....

ambientFLIER2507d ago

If you need money that much, you probably shouldn't be buying cigarettes...or paying for xbl, for that matter...especially with a baby.

s8skanna2506d ago


Who are you to suggest what I spend my money on? In my post I made a statement about "WE NEED OUR MONEY" as in we were only broke because of some hacker and needed back what was taken from us. Had nothing to do with spending irresponsibly. You have no idea what our income is, so why make this dumb ass comment? I hope you realize that you only make yourself look completely stupid for the fact that your suggesting to a complete stranger how to spend their money.

I feel as if you are the type of person that thinks that most of your opinions truly matter to almost everyone. When in fact, they don't. It's only making you look foolish and act like a "know it all" as the kids say.

With all that said. I hope you have a great day and work on your comments.

KaBaW2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

He has a point, lol. Typical morning buys? You buy em every morning?
Not only would that save you loads of money every month.. it's good to stop.
Not only for you, but smoking with a 7month old baby. Not good, good sir..

Ay, you will do with your money as you please, not my problem.
But, $125 aint much, compared to what you could be saving.
Just trying to help with your stressful economical situation. (:

Hicken2507d ago

But the PSN hack was SUCH a big deal!

Still, this really sucks. The worst part is that this happens on a regular basis, and apparently it takes quite a bit to rectify.

montyburns0002507d ago

I love how falling for phishing scams is considered "hacking" now.

you can only blame yourself for being so stupid with your account details.

whatthegeek2507d ago

Actually I'm extremely cautious about security. I'm well aware of how to spot a phishing scam, and as such, the hacker obtained my login info through other means.

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