Xbox Live + KINECT: it's time

According to Microsoft, the best way to watch TV is now on Xbox 360!

"Get live TV programming and on-demand HD shows from television providers like Comcast and Verizon. And with Kinect, use your voice to pause and rewind movies and TV shows, or change channels. Plus, easily discover entertainment options that interest you. Just say what you want to watch and Xbox finds it with voice search powered by Bing."

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JokesOnYou2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Good stuff, the fall update is going to be awesome.

gamingdroid2476d ago

Yeah, I think this will be the biggest update for the Xbox 360 dashboard.

LiveTV, new interface with complete Kinect integration and the beacon feature (to better organize game events) will be AWESOME!!!

JsonHenry2476d ago

I'm excited about this. Of course, THIS is what I was promised almost a year ago when I bought the Kinect. Better late than never. I am certainly going to use this a lot now. Thanks MS, for making me just that little more lazy I don't even need the remote anymore. :)

gamingdroid2476d ago

Live TV was first announced this summer at E3....

There has been rumors, but nothing official as far as I'm aware.

JsonHenry2476d ago

Yeah.. being able to use your kinect to control your dashboard WASN'T promised a year ago? You need to go back and watch the advertisements on youtube for Kinect then come back and tell me we were all misled.

gamingdroid2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

... and did I say anything about using "kinect to control your dashboard"?

I specifically said Live TV which is what this article is talking about. As it is, you are able to use Kinect with the dashboard. It's called the Kinect Hub and you can pull it up by saying "Xbox Kinect" at the main dash.

No reason to get hostile.

EVILDEAD3602476d ago

Nah..Live TV wasnt promised a year ago. It debuted at E3 and they have been negotiating behind the scenes since.

I was fine with HBO GO, but the rest is icing on the cake.

I'm happy with how ESPN went from 'ok' to OUTSTANDING..I'm actually wathcing the 360 ESPN more than anything else.

It's the same with Movies and music..everything is so simple to get off of Live that I find myself there more than ever..between Netfix, Zune Pass etc. it's hard to go back to normal you add ALL of this content from Comcast on and it's a wrap.

Good times ahead..Kinect 'Play Movie' lol


DlocDaBudSmoka2476d ago

personally, i dont see the point. mainly bc im a channel surfer. i can see what on faster with a remote than i could having to add XBOX... everytime.

Rhythmattic2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Kinect... Its a $150 add on in OZ...Talk about a rip-off here...

"Its time" to drop the price.

cstyle2475d ago

Kinect is well worth the money. I love using it for movies. Voice control and no remote is a win.