Why RPGs Don't Suck

We've all heard the complaints about role-playing games. They're tedious and boring, the combat moves too slowly, all the characters inhabit the same worn clichés, and they simply last too long for busy gamers to complete.

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WhiteLightning2476d ago

Yeah Two Worlds does not suck at all...


dangert122476d ago

Who said RPG'S suck?
Must be those COD zombie fans...just a thought

blizzard_cool2476d ago

I'm pretty sure it's them. I don't like the newest addition of gamers to the gaming community but maybe next gen well get something better.

LightofDarkness2476d ago

No, most likely you'll get an evolution of them, who care more about meta gaming (gaming for stats and trophies/achievements) than even these idiots do. And of course, LOTS of handheld/touchscreen crap.

detroitmademe2476d ago

i rarely play singleplayer games but i definitely need a good RPG n my life

zeal0us2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

RPG,JRPG,CRPG and etc don't suck. I think some people rather just jump into the action than go around exploring and questing. Some Rpgs are complex,not to the RPGers just the people who haven't/don't play rpgs. They(rpgs) take more thinking, not something simple as shooting/trying kill an a target/opponent.

When I was younger I used think rpgs suck until one night I was looking for game to play on my ps1. Most of the games I already beat. Saw a game title "Final Fantasy 7." Put it in played it for 10 minutes then next thing I knew I was playing it for hours. From there I expand from just playing shooters and sport games. Soon I find myself trying/playing all types of games.

Quagmire2476d ago

RPGs dont suck, but when you find it hard to find time to play and finish one, thats when it sucks.

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