Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review (PlanetXbox360)

I had just about given up on the Spider-Man franchise for a little while there, as far as video games go. Spider-Man 3 managed to end up being worse than the movie, something I didn’t think was feasible. And while Web of Shadows went a ways towards remedying that, it still lacked the kind of magic I was seeking from the web-slinger. But then came Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, which blew me away with its multiple characters and engaging multi-tier storyline, leading to a satisfying conclusion. Now Beenox, the developer behind the successful Dimensions, returns for a second go-around with Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and though it doesn’t quite live up to last year’s grand slam, it’s a comic book caper worth checking out.

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DA_SHREDDER2423d ago

Its not the best spiderman ever, but the gameplay and story is really solid. I thought it was gonna be a crap game like the last one since it uses the same engine and all, but it seems they actually cared about the quality of this game. I actually kept wanting to play it but I rented it for my son and had to give it up as soon as he finished his homework:( . I can't wait for this game to get a price drop, hopefully it does cause prices for games stay high during the Christmas season.