RAGE on PC is a mess, but you can fix some of it

Ben Kuchera: RAGE is a disappointment on the consoles when it comes to gameplay. On the PC, the game may struggle to work at all, depending on your configuration. This is a sad state of affairs for a developer that was once known for its innovative, and in some cases revolutionary, PC releases. RAGE suffers from tearing, massive texture pop-in, and an overall lack of graphical options to tweak and adjust.

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dangert122422d ago

I did say I felt the game was being over hyped based on visuals

SilverSlug2422d ago

I notice this more often on PC titles. Its broken and you need work arounds to fix it. A reason I hardly game on PC.

solar2422d ago

coming from id software i am very disappointed with them, and Bethesda for this. but got to please the shareholders. stupid mainstream :(

bumnut2422d ago

Plenty of consoles games are screwed on release too.

Shadowaste2422d ago

Works perfect on all nvidia gpu equiped pc's I own and my freinds own!

The Mess is on consoles, jaggies, pop-in, horrid textures!

Ati drivers are always trash!

Farsendor12422d ago

nvidia and amd are having issues and when are people going to stop using ati,ati is no more amd bought them

solar2422d ago

i loaded the game a few minutes ago to see if i would have any issues, and yep, terrible pop-in and screen tearing. 560ti SC's in SLI. BF3 beta drivers.

aawells072422d ago

Hey buddy they say not to use the BF3 beta drivers with Rage as there are conflicts with the two. Id say alot of your problems will go away once you change those drivers. If you try it let me know it helps. I hope it does as this is an amazing game. I have ATI/AMD card and my game runs perfect. It took some research to figure out what worked and what didnt and after that im good to go.

vandal GAB2422d ago

They actually say to use the nvidia ver 258.38 BF3 drivers but to disable Sli as its not supported, force v-sync on in the driver control panel. For low res textures out side enable GPU Transcoding and try the tweaks suggested here..

Kostchtchie2422d ago

what suprise something Bethesda published is total every game they make or publish a game it is garbage, best suck it up, because assryim is going to have all these type same issues when released also, as for ID lol

aawells072422d ago

How old are you? lol at your age. lmao

Kostchtchie2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

oh i am sorry were you going to prove me wrong about bethesda game quality? or the titles that they publish?