Why Sony’s new “Long Live Play” PS3 Ad is one of the best ever

Sony today revealed their new ad campaign “Long Live Play” which was teased earlier in the week. Although, we were expecting the announcement of a new service for the PlayStation 3, or perhaps even a new game, Sony managed to pull out an ace from its sleeves like we suspected, and celebrated gaming, and the gamer heimself via the campaign.

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jriquelme_paraguay2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

almost cry....

and lold at the Sackboy, so cute

yes.. im man, harcoregamer and have feelings.. PROBLEM?

OllieBoy2480d ago

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who choked up a little :)

Aceluffy2480d ago

I was so moved by this ad I had to watch it at least 20 times to catch all the characters in it.

Wonderful job Sony, wonderful.
First it's Kevin Butler, now this :)

darthv722480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

is the presence of some multiplatform cameos. You would figure they would do it all up sony exclusive style considering they have such a stable of exclusive characters. Where was Jak or Daxter? What about Clank or Wrachet?

Little sister didnt need to be there. I guess the ad was ok but they have had other advertising ideas that didnt go over very well. Marcus PSP anyone?

Even the mighty Kevin butler could have made a cameo in this ad. Just for comedic relief.

edit: i watched it again. I just couldnt get the seriousness out of my mind. This is the equal to a budweiser commercial. more serious than the funnier side of Bud Light. I like a little humor in my adverts.

jriquelme_paraguay2480d ago

now, i want a series with this Live Action characters..

aCasualGamer2480d ago

This is the greatest commercial i have ever witnessed. It touches one on a personal level.

When he starts talking about Omaha and how they were pinned down, i really choked up.

Sony you are the best, because you truly know what we hardcore gamers feel.

cyborg2480d ago

anyone who's felt an emotional attachment with any videogame character would have. It made us go to another world all together, even if only for a few seconds.

Thanks Sony. :)

buddymagoo2480d ago

Stuff like this makes me proud to own a PS3. Well done Sony.

omi25p2480d ago

Buddymagoo Stuff like this makes me proud to be a gamer.

sikbeta2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

There was a problem with the ad... I didn't see my picture in any of the walls :(


t0mmyb0y2480d ago

Damn I got shivers on the back of my neck. Well done Sony THAT is a commercial.

Iroquois_Pliskin2480d ago


MaxXAttaxX2480d ago Show
n4gisatroll2480d ago


You do know ratchet is in the commercial right? Stop hating.

IcarusOne2480d ago

Great ad. More of this. Way less of Butler.

SantistaUSA2480d ago

That was bad ass!!! just awesome video! :)

Wh15ky2480d ago Show
evrfighter2480d ago Show
inveni02480d ago

Drake was a little too stout, but Cole was freak'n awesome.

Commander_TK2480d ago

What was that Omaha thing about? What game was it?

zeeshan2480d ago

It HAS to be one of the BEST EVER VIDEO GAME AD everrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! I am usually very critical of Sony's marketing strategies and their lack of proper marketing BUT, this ad is so brilliant that it washes away almost every issue I had with their marketing. Now, the only thing that remains is for Sony to run the f*** out of this bad boy on national TV. Really, the word EPIC doesn't even start to cover this super amazing ad! Award winning sh** people, this is award winning sh!*

bviperz2479d ago


Game reference was Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Awesome game, I would love a remake in HD with surround sound. The Omaha Beach level was awesome.

Bull5hifT2479d ago

Wow this was soo Epic, The Avengers or Justice League Movie seems like nothing compared to this, i actually think Christian Bale as Snake Lipsyncing David Hayters voice might work...... I Wish Kurt Russell Could Play Old Snake... Or if Clint Eastwood Could go back in time and Play Snake, i wanna see a Badass Movie with SweetTooth, Sony FTMFWIN

Anon19742479d ago

Fantastic ad, all around. This is by far one of the best videogame adverts I've ever witnessed, if not the best. It brings in so many characters, manages to conjure up genuine emotion.

Well done.

Legion2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

"What was that Omaha thing about? What game was it?"

Wow... you really don't know the Omaha Beach? You need to pick up some older CoD games and play them through. Still entertaining after all these years. Classic gaming.


This ad was so good it actually make me want more live action videogame adaptions!

gaffyh2479d ago

Amazing ad, I'd say it's easily one of the best I've ever seen. I loved the voices, Drake and Cole looked pretty good, but Snake looked odd lol. Also, can't believe they didn't just find a guy for Kratos, can't have been that hard.

Wh15ky2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I quoted parts of Darth72s comment then commented on those quotes. How is that NOT A REPLY?

If it's because I clicked reply to OllieBoys comment then most of these comments are not replies to his comment (Darth72s included) yet they are not hidden. Also the reply system did not allow me to reply directly to Darth72s comment.


My comment has 17 agrees and 2 disagress yet still gets hidden? More proof that this site is not run by PS3 fanboys as the paranoid 360 fanboys would have you believe.

FredEffinChopin2479d ago


"Lol wow that commercial was derp."

"Stupid commercial is stupid."

Wow, can you use any more overused internet fanboy-cliche phrases in one sentence you giant douche? 2/4 sentences in that comment... It's like trolling children are too lazy to form an original thought, let alone type it down. They just copy & paste their go-to putdowns from a giant file of played-out shit that they keep stored in a file.

I miss the days when trolls worked for it.

Tr10wn2479d ago

I love the Ad, i really do, David Hayter, RogerCraig Smith and all the other actors were excellent, it was by far the best Sony Ad ever but WTF with all those 12 years comments like "Sony knows what Hardcore gamers feel" lol? WTF is that? did you ever get laid in your life? that's a feeling, and do you even know what hardcore is? i bet you don't even get 1$ for playing video games so STFU and be hardcore at that retard, you ain't hardcore at playing video games unless you are getting paid to do it try be a little more hardcore in your life and less ridiculous.

Great Ad Sony Good job, see what i did there?

insomnium22479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


"you ain't hardcore at playing video games unless you are getting paid to do it"

I found this coment of yours weird to say the least. Sarcasm perhaps?


The add was great!

L-272479d ago

@ Legion

Games? Learn some history son.

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ryhanon2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Wow I'm really impressed with this one. Good job Sony.

I'm especially impressed and pleased that they used the actual voice actors to portray some of the iconic characters. Nolan North (Drake), David Hayter (Snake), Eric Ladin (Cole). [edit - I realize now the voice actors only provided voices, not likeness - still, very cool.]

If there was ever any doubt that the voice actors could pull off these characters in a live action movie, I think this is fantastic evidence that not only can they do it, but they may well be the only people who can do it convincingly.

BigBoss072480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

When I heard Snake's voice, the commercial went from awesome to EPIC. David Hayter's voice has that effect on everything.

Also, who saw Agent 47 from Hitman? He sits at the table with Ghost from MW2 and Isaac from Dead Space. Plus, the Sackboy was too frickin' awesome.

InFAMOUS12480d ago

The live action characters in this commercial spot were NOT the voice actors for the game.. None of them were.. I dunno why you think they were...

On a second note:
Ratchet from 'Ratchet and Clank' is indeed in this TV spot.. He is right next to Agent47 and in front of Ezio...

Also, Metal Gear MK.II (MGS4) is there
Chell from Portal 2
AND Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream truck is parked outside the building as the 2 soldiers are walking up... You will see it hidden in the shadows to the left.... SWEEEEEEEEEET

opoikl2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Lol @ Paul Phoenix in the background at 01:23

ryhanon2480d ago

@ infamous

Uhm yeah... hence my edit saying exactly that, it's just the voices, not the actors.

Pozzle2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I like that many of the actors looked like the actual characters, too. I truly believed that was Nathan Drake in the room. Same goes for Cole - That actor could have been his twin!

Maybe Hollywood should hire Sony to cast game-to-movie adaptations. lol

Ducky2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

^ There's a lot of things Hollywood *should* do.

Anyways, I'll be waiting for the follow up with villains saying how much they hate Michael.

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davekaos2480d ago

This ad almost made me cry!

Its not about which platform you are on or which version of game is better, its about us the GAMERZ.

I take my hat off to each and every gamer out there who rewards the deveoloper with hard earned cash especially in rough times.


Quadrostacker2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

hey! Cole McGrath was played by this guy

showtimefolks2480d ago

this was quite well done. That sackboy part was great along with old snake leaning on a wall and his suit changing colors

end of the day its about our hobby about gaming, we don't get paid by any company to represent them. In reality we are the ones who are paying them to buy their consoles,software etc and than represent them blindly

let's all play in peace and enjoy our hobby without hating on others just because they play on a different machine or a different game

let's all play under one flag GAMERS FOR LIFE

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2480d ago

This ad gives me shivers every time. I now look forward to the breaks in T.V now so maybe this will come on lol. Sony knows how to pay tribute to gamers, by doing an ad like this. <3

Spenok2480d ago

I couldn't agree more. That was quite possibly THE greatest gaming commercial ever. My hats off to you sony.

Nevers2480d ago

Great ad. Gripping and thoughtful. Touching and poignant. Artistic. Brilliant.

Call me what you will but the K. Butler ads did nothing for me.

HOWEVER. That is a very epic ad.

Kudos to SONY for recognizing GAMERZ!!!

jneul2479d ago

they always have shame it took this long for some people to realize, with sony they always think about us gamers and give us the best, it not just all about money you know, its like they have had a passion for gaming for years on end now...

Gray-Fox-Type02480d ago

very nice advert, but what was the point of teasing a

Gamer30002480d ago

they let kratos get in the bar with his blades
they are all "F"

Myze2480d ago

Well, to be fair to the bar attendees, none of them, or all of them together, would stand a chance if they tried to stop him. ;)

mastemikegee2479d ago

@gamer3000 that's because the blades of Kratos are chained to his skin remember? so that's another good attention to detail from Sony.

pixelsword2479d ago

@ Gamer3000;

They're all okay as long as they don't ask:

"how's the family?"

Inferno2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Cole has his Amp too!
Also Isaac has his plasma cutter.

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CryofSilence2480d ago

This is a perfect celebration of gaming. Well done, Sony.

Bathyj2480d ago

Ha, Snake looks like Evan Stone.

TBM2480d ago

that was an awesome commerical. i got choked up watching it. absolutely brillant.

Mainman2480d ago

Is this add also shown on tv?

andibandit2479d ago

Can someone explain to me exactly what
"Long Live Play" is??

Septic2479d ago

Genius ad lol. I like the subtle little things like the weapons on the wall or when the soldiers paid the entry fee, you could see orbs etc lol.


Getowned2479d ago

LOL @ Sweet Tooth and Sack boy playing chess XD

trenso12479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

:') good job sony its great to be a gamer

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psb2480d ago

this was one of those special advertisements which is going to leave a lasting and positive impression on everyone who watches it. Loved it. An ad only Sony could come up with. :)

pedo_across-the-road2480d ago

This ad would be SO much more special if sony could put Crash and Spyro in it

Getowned2479d ago

yeah I agree with that we need spyro and crash back.Especially Spyro oh how they butchered you :(.

awesomeperson2480d ago

Compare this ad to the creepy baby ones, I know which one I prefer :D

From the start of this gen when PS3 marketing was terrible Sony have really made a comeback.

CynicalVision2480d ago

It'll be remembered for a long time. :)

TheFallenAngel2480d ago

Yes it will be, maybe is the best videogame ad ever made.
By the way people if you were a hardcore Resistance: FOM player you would know that the soldiers at the beginning are from R: FOM

HannibalBarca2480d ago

They mentioned Omaha beach, as in D-Day, as in WWII. WWII never happened in the resistance universe. I think they were form an old MoH.

Brownghost2479d ago

I think it means all WWII games in general

roguewarrior2479d ago

I think its a reference to MOH:Frontlines, The opening level was Omaha Beach, epic at the time.

theaceh2480d ago

In the year 2022 This ad will be a time machine!!