Isaac Clarke on Wii U? Visceral job listing points to rumoured Dead Space 3

"Visceral Games, the developers of the acclaimed Dead Space franchise, have posted a new job oppourtunity over on Creative Heads looking for an Senior Environment Artist to immediately start work on the “Dead Space Franchise”.

This job listing is looking for someone to work on PS3, 360 and an “unannounced platform”. Could that be the Wii U?"

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Shok2358d ago

The Wii U has actually been announced though..........

Maybe this job listing was created a while ago back when the console wasn't revealed.

DA_SHREDDER2358d ago

If it has better graphics than the ps3 version, im in.

SwilloTGL2357d ago

Looking forward to seeing what they do with Dead Space next. I'd like to see this on Vita too

Quagmire2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Hopefully DS3 isnt as dissapointing as DS2.

Isaac shouldnt talk, there shouldnt be too many wide open spaces, and there should only be less than 5 human characters throughout the WHOLE game, oh and toss out the MP while you're at it, you're only wasting time/money/people/resoureces which would be better spent on the SP.

Ness-Psi2357d ago

I agree with the multi-player comment but not the rest. he was in a city on a space station so if there was no other people it would have been stupid also that's the reason for the big open spaces. 5 humans or less seems silly, it depends on where the game was set. the only reason there was so few in the first game was to set up the whole premise.

I thought there was nothing wrong with Isaac talking it added to the game, another silent character in that situation would have been boring.

2EHO2357d ago

The art of single player games is lost. I understand multiplayer is big now and days. For me to spend 50 dollars on a game I want a mind blowing minimum 50 hour single player experience. I guess this is why Zelda is KING!

Ness-Psi2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

yeah I miss the long single player game. the only place you seem to get it now is RPG's but their changing them too.

ssb31732357d ago

I agree, these days there are too many short 5-10 hour games for too high a price. Games like zelda and xenoblade are worth the money for the 50+ hours of gaming.

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