Tales of Graces f & Tales of Abyss 3DS Announcement Coming Soon

Earlier this year Namco-Bandai was able to silence the demands of the highly vocal ‘Tales of’ community when the company officially confirmed they would release Tales of Graces f on PS3 and Tales of the Abyss 3DS in North America. Since that announcement though, Namco-Bandai has remained rather quiet on the subject, but all that will soon change.

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Minato-Namikaze2421d ago

Yea imma need a tales of xillia release date more than anything...

tarbis2421d ago

Can't wait for Tales of Graces F. They also need to announce the localization of Tales of Xillia.

tiffac0082421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

And take my cold hard earned cash!

Then you can localize:

Tales of Xillia <--- You have to!
Tales of Vesperia (PS3 ver) <--- I wish!
Tales of Innocence R (PSV ver) <--- You have to!