Xbox TV promo video shows Kinect, Windows Phone integration

XMNR: Microsoft has released a new video for it's just announced Xbox TV reveal that shows the new interface in action using Kinect along with sneaking in Windows Phone 7 integration.

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vishant1012546d ago

That looks really smooth sadly i live in nz and we don't get voice control, espn or Netflix

Aggesan2546d ago

Seriously, who use windows phone when theres iPhone and android around?

DiRtY2546d ago

HTC does. Windows phone market share will pass iOS in the coming years. And the announced iPhone4s (Pronounced for Ass) won't help Apple. The competition from hardware manufactures like HTC, Samsung or LG AND OS like Android or WP7 really stepped their games up.

And Nokia WP is not even announced yet. Same for Skype integration.

illtownNJONE2546d ago

I had an iPhone,android,windows 6.5 now I have windows phone 7.5 & love it