Why the Battlefield 3 Beta was bad for EA and DICE

Marketing a game is all that matters to a game publisher as a good advertisement campaign can make a terrible game into the best selling game of the month. Anticipation for a game usually can reach it's peak before release with a multiplayer demo a month or two before it's release.

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Sidology2545d ago

Here's the thing:

You asked Twitter.

DBergmark2545d ago

Twitter users are a part of DICE's audience. If I could have recorded audio clips from my Xbox Live chats about Battlefield 3 then implement them into the article, I would have.

OdinFallen2544d ago

You are aware of the fundamental differences between a beta and a demo correct? While it might have been a slight marketing tool, it was never, by any means, the primary purpose of the beta. You used 3 people from alright, great support. You could just as easily find people that did like it. Everyone I have asked has loved it despite the hiccups. That still doesn't mean anything. Have to completely disagree with this article.

Washington-Capitals2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

If by the fundamental difference between a "beta" and demo you are reffering to graphics or build quality you are totally wrong. Cause infact there is no differences. Ive seen betas with the final build of the game available like (uncharted 3 and gears 3) ive also seen DEMOS with prealpha builds released like god of war 3 and killzone 2 and ive seen demos with the final build of the game released like MGS4 etc.

Ill put it this way, THE HARDCORE gamer, WHICH IS THE MINORITY OF PEOPLE, know that this was just a BETA AND THE FINAL VERSION WILL BE IMPROVED, BUT the MAJORITY of people dont know that and will base their purchase of this game from the BETA. Whether people liked it or not is up to them, but what i said is true.

WittyAdrian2544d ago

@OdinFallen & Washington-Capitals,
I completely agree with you guys. There are just so much people that are disliking the game because the beta was a bit glitchy, laggy or whatnot... ITS A BETA!! Its purpose is to test the servers, to find out what people dislike about the game. By no means is it a demo. I just think its sad that so many people just cant see that :(.

FunkMcnasty2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I think I'm going to clarify somethin' for ya D..

you wrote: "EA and DICE, your fanboys will purchase the title and love it, but the average hardcore gamer will purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 over Battlefield 3."

1. you used the word "fanboy" wrong. Someone who simply buys and loves a game is not a "fanboy", and vice versa, buying a game then loving it does not turn you into a fanboy. A Fanboy is someone who preaches endless commitment to product/series/game/system/any thing, and bashes all it's competitors--all the while failing to admit the shortcomings, faults, flaws, and indescrepancies of the thing that they proclaim is the "best." I'd tell you that I plan on buying both MW3 and BF3, but you might not know how to lable me and I wouldn't want to make your head explode trying to think of the term.

2. You call CoD "Hardcore." CoD is an awesome game series, but given it's accessibility and popularity with the pop-culture masses, it is by definition a "casual" game. (which, in my opinion, doesn't take anything away from it at all) BF3 has a much steeper learning curve and requires tactical thinking whether you play it solo or as part of a team, and additionally, is more chalenging overall than CoD, so I would be tempted to say it is a game for the "hardcore" crowd.

Overall, I do agree with the general sentiment of your article. I do feel that the masses who don't understand the true definition and purpose of a beta, will likely take the BF3 beta as a representation of the final product and will likely be turned off from a prospective purchase. I think a solid capaign segment introduced in a demo would've sold the game much better, and the Beta should've been restricted only to those who purchased MoH limited edition, who presumably understood what a beta was.

Kleptic2544d ago

Is the author's primary language not English?...serious question, as a lot of the wording is completely forgivable if thats the case...

but what is he talking about with the 'its the twentieth game to be released in the series this November'?...that has me lost...there haven't been 20 BF games, or 20 CoD games...combined...

i'm usually not critical of someone's writing style to any real degree, which is why i'd be surprised if English was his common language...But this article reads like it was translated by Google...

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princejb1342544d ago

i loved the beta and its making me want to buy bf3, but i know many others who hated the beta and cancelled their pre order
thats the problem with betas and demos, it gives you a idea of how the game is gonna buy and usually in my experience it makes me not want to buy the game after playing the demo

DasTier2544d ago

I loved it to, but what ive realized is that I don't want the game to sell to all of the Call of Duty Crowd. Getting shot by a guy camping in a corner with an 870mcs as I walk past him isn't fun. and I'm afraid that's all they'd bring to the table. :/

FunkMcnasty2544d ago


"thats the problem with betas and demos, it gives you a idea of how the game is gonna buy and usually in my experience it makes me not want to buy the game after playing the demo"

Yea, but that's a good thing no, especially with the price of games these days? I could've used a demo for "Homefront" and a few other games that I thought I was gonna love!

princejb1342544d ago

@ FunkMcnasty yes its a good thing for us gamers but bad for the developers who need the money to make more games
theres been many games in the past that were overhyped and ones the demo came out we found out how shitty they really was


The worst Beta i have ever played.

SITH2544d ago

Then you should be actively commenting on bf3 beta forums to fix the issues you have. That is the point of the beta.

Kushan2544d ago

Yeah seriously, I don't think you know what "beta software" really is. It's kind of supposed to be buggy. It's your job to report those bugs.
Fair enough if you hated the gameplay that isn't likely to change much, go ahead and cancel your preorder, but if you cancelled because of bugs or lack of polish, you're a food.

Impaler2544d ago

I have to agree with the guy on this reply about the BETA, my friends and I are loving the BETA, even with its' faults. We know those will not be present in the final retail build of the game and thus, they are forgivable.

Yes the map we got, while fun, is not a BF style map because we can't use the vehicles, but we are still having fun!

Maybe the masses(read: idiots) will judge this game on the BETA and not buy it, that is fine. There are plenty of people who will, like myself, and we will go have fun in our little corner playing the superior FPS MP game this holiday season(our opinion of course).

Flavor2544d ago

So you are hoping & wishing that what you SEE is not going to be what you GET?

Shooting some hopium?

You can't eat faith. I'm still on for this game, not throwing a fit and canceling my preorder, but what scares me is that it is going to be an embarrassment and the end of the BF franchise as a major contender - because the launch is going to be a bug ridden mess.

THAT is what true fans should be worried about, that this rushed, buggy, 'just wait for the patch' launch will kill any chance DICE has of competing with CoD and ending its reign of terror.

Impaler2544d ago

You could say that. I like to think that with my previous experiences in BETAs of the past that DICE will no doubt deliver(honestly they have not let me down in the past with BF games, except maybe 2142, just really didn't grab my attention(although Mechs effing rule!)).

And I have said this to my friends, I refuse to buy COD anymore(I have played Black Ops on a friends PS3 and played Zombies which is the only reason to have it imo, but I purchased MW2 and was EXTREMELY let down), and if BF3 flops hard in my eyes, not sales, and DICE does not deliver the sequel to BF2 that we have all been wanting, I will be very saddened and just have to wait and see when the next great FPS game will come.

Probably wouldn't buy another BF game after this one if this one bombs to be honest.

Now that I think about it, I have a lot riding on BF3, I hate COD, tired of Halo, tired of Gears(although not an FPS). If this fails, I don't know what I will play except Counter Strike: GO when it releases, but I would play that on the PC anyways so don't slack off DICE!

bunfighterii2544d ago

@ Sidology:

You couldn't be more correct.

Maddens Raiders2544d ago

and won't be getting this game 1st day BUT, it has nothing to do w/ this poorly written article, the grammatical errors in it or that of his/Dice's Twitter followers.

How can the author(s) expect me to take them seriously, when they themselves, don't care enough to properly type words and make sense with what they're exclaiming?

Again, my decision was made before this crap article.

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Hufandpuf2545d ago

the PUBLIC beta was a bad move, but the beta wasn't bad. I would have preferred a closed beta, but the cat was already out of the bag and the beta was delayed so close to release (which is why it's so buggy).

DBergmark2545d ago

Very true! Most people don't understand that though so some people will think this is how the game is going to be. *THE POINT OF THE ARTICLE*

(I say that because someone thought I was flame-baiting)

StanLee2544d ago

Hasn't there been enough of these articles though?

legreffer2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Completely agree with you (and Hufandpuf).

We're not saying that the game will be bad, we know it's a beta and that the retail version will be awesome, the problem is EA and Dice missed an opportunity to steal some non battlefield core gamers.

So what we're saying is it was a bad marketing move to made it open to everyone.

Kleptic2544d ago

I agree with all of you, and there have been plenty of these articles...

but just like the other articles, i agree with what the author is saying overall...

the mistake wasn't having a was a combination of having a 100% open to anyone public beta, assuming the gaming community (primarily a huge group of CoD fans that EA/DICE are trying to capture) would understand what exactly a beta test is, and having dodgy marketing surrounding the beta to make it seem more like a close to release version of the game...

not to mention including a map with a lack of features of which are very important to the BF experience...which mislead newer people to the franchise...

EA/DICE could have avoided this entirely by having a huge 10 second disclaimer or something when you boot the beta stating how old the build is (if in fact that is completely first it was '3 weeks old' EA seems to be saying its more like 4 months...something's up with that)...and that a large portion of the bugs we would experience in the beta have already been addressed...

I think sarcasticgamer's article pointed it out a little better than this one...the beta for BF3 has been bad for the marketing of the game...but not necessarily the game itself, as we don't know just how polished and fixed the final release will be...and that is what is on the line now...if it still releases with the problems occurring currently in the beta, the beta itself was a disaster too...

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jairusmonillas2544d ago

Oh, so you people are saying customers can't preview what they'll be buying? We have to right to ask for a Beta cause we will be paying the game. I don't know why you people thinks it's ok to fool people just to get more sales. o_O

DA_SHREDDER2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

yah , they should do what most publishers do. Dupe people into buying a unfinished game and patching it to work after release date. LOL! I'm glad they opened the beta a month before release. I don't care if it's not final code, it showed me that they had alot to improve, and now I won't be mad at them for enticing me to buy a game that still needs alot of tweaking.

nolifeking2544d ago

No, you have the right to ask for a DEMO. If you feel so inclined to ask for a beta your asking for any problem that comes with a beta. Ignorance is never a proper defense so going in thinking that a beta is the demo is no one's fault but your own.

MrSent2544d ago

That would be a demo, not a beta

Kleptic2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

No one can argue effectively in either direction with this whole beta vs. demo thing...

pretty much anyone on this site should know by now what a true 'beta test' is, and what a 'demo' is...BF3's is definitely a 'beta test', but it was misleading in its presentation, release time, and EA's feedback about it before it went live...

BC2 had a 'multiplayer demo' released about the same time before BC2 released as this beta has for BF3...roughly a month was called a demo...was available to everyone...and it was literally the final build of the game...not to mention being from the same publisher and development team...

Many assumed this was the same thing, just with an incentive to leave more feedback for final release, hence the term beta attached to it...but it definitely appears to be a very dated build, with way more problems present than that of BC2's demo...

A true beta test is rarely opened to the entire public with no strings attached...Sony always runs theirs through PS plus now, at least first before a very short window of allowing everyone to play...and they usually have all kinds of agreements present where it can't be shown, previewed, etc...MS usually attaches them to the purchase of another game, or buys up rights to the beta test so its only available on XBL...either way, it results in limited players, and limited coverage of the testing build of any one game...

EA came out with this beta and said 'put videos up on youtube, make fan trailers, whatever you want'...which is very surprising given that all that has been created was a bunch of 'instant death' montages that show how broken some of the game code is...

i don't blame anyone for thinking this was a demo and not a beta, despite it always being called a beta...its a weird one for sure...and EA didn't seem to mind the game being shown off to absolutely everyone in such a poor state...

liquidus1182544d ago

It got people to sign up for Origin in their millions. That alone makes it a huge success irrelevant of Battlefield 3's performance.

DBergmark2544d ago

Huge success? I bet less than a quarter of BF3's first month sales will be from the PC, let alone from a download service.

Kleptic2544d ago

yeah Origin has its own problems that run just as deep as the beta build of BF3...friends links not working correctly for thousands of users...the browser based squad thing is trash right now...

and thats before you touch on the fact that nearly everyone is screaming how origin forced them to make a duplicate account because it wouldn't link other services properly...i'm kleptic1 on origin haha...I made kleptic as an EA account years ago, transferred it to Origin...but then it wouldn't link properly with my PSN I had to make a new one?...hopefully this too gets sorted out before the game's release...